Repurposed Vintage

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Ironstone & Tarnished Silver Displays

Driftwood Wall Hooks

Repurposed Baking Pan Tiered Stand Numbered Version
Repurposed Baking Pans Tiered Stand by

Repurposed Baking Pan 2 Tiered Numbered Version
Repurposed Baking Pans Tiered Stand by

Wall Cubby

Repurposed Bed Frame Coat Rack
Repurposed Spindle Bed Frame Coat Rack by

Repurposed Milk Crate into Footstool

Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine Stand Wall Bins
Antique Silverware Candle Holders
Antique Piano Turned Desk
Antique Headboard Coat Rack
Barn Wood & Bread Tins Wall Bins
Repurposed-Barn-Wood-Antique-Bread-Pans-Wall-Bins-by Knick of Time
Book Page Canvas Hymn Art
Repurposed-Book-Page-Canvas-Wall-Art-Hymn-Lyrics-It is Well With My Soul-by Knick of Time
Vintage Feed Sack Pillow
Grain-Sack-Pillows-Wreath-Image-by-Knick of Time
Grain Sack Typography Chair
Repurposed Windows into Cupboard
Repurposed Windows into Cupboard inspired by Dreamy Whites
Antique Ceiling Tile and Dried Flowers Display
Repurposed Ball Jar Antique Ceiling Tile as Wall Flower Vase Display via Knick of Time
Repurposed Antique Pages in Gold Frames
Repurposed Antique Hymn Book Pages in Gold Vintage Frames via Knick of Time
Repurposed Sewing Machine Table into Magnetic Memo Board
Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine Table into Magnetic Memo Board Command Station via Knick of Time
Repurposed Clock Gears
Repurposed Clock Parts Mechanical Gear Train Wall Art via Knick of Time
Suitcase Salvage Wall Display
repurposed antique suitcase with world map pages via Knick of Time
Repurposed Antique
Antique Cabinet Door Keyhole Chalkboard via Knick of Time
Antique Barn Pulley and Bread Pans into Wall Bins
Repurposed Antique Barn Pulley and Bread Tins Wall Bins via Knick of Time
Antique Mirror Frame into Chalkboard
repurposed antique oak frame into chalkboard via Knick of Time
Repurposed Tray into Chalkboard
Repurposed metal tray into magnetic wall chalkboard via Knick of Time
Repurposed  Tins into Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece
Red Pear Repurposed Metal Tins Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece via Knick of Time
Sewing Machine Table Salvage into Sign
Repurposed Sewing Machine Salvaged Frame into Christmas Sign via Knick of Time
Book Page Stocking Banner
Repurposed Book Pages - The Stockings Were Hung via Knick of Time
Deconstructed Lamp Shade into Hanging Light

Deconstructed Lamp Shades into Display Cloche

Antique Footboard into Coat Rack
Wood Salvage Wall Bins
Galvanized Wall Bins via knickoftime
Kitchen Strainers into Tiered Stand
Repurposed Kitchen Strainer Tiered Stand by
Enamelware Bowls into Tiered Stand
Repurposed Enamelware Tiered Stand by
Photo Frames into Vintage Display
Mixed Media Art Photo Frames Repurposed Book Pages via
Repurposed Books Coat Hooks

Mixed Media Art Photo Frames Repurposed Book Pages Lavendar Apothecary Bottles Lace via

Repurposed Enamelware Bowls Tiered Stands via

Repurposed Enamelware Bowls Tiered Stands via

Salvaged Wood Galvanized Wall Bins via

Repurposed Shirt Foot Stool
Repurposed Shirt-Upcycled Clothing-Chalk Paint-footstool-by

Antique Car Windshield into Sign

Sewing Machine Table Salvage Chalkboards

Antique Rocking Horse Salvage into Apothecary Bottle Flower Vase Display

Antique Window into Milk & Cream Sign with Hooks
Painted Bottle Flower Vases

Jello Molds into Candles

Bed Spring Projects

Repurposed Chair Parts

Antique Folding Chair into Sidewalk Chalkboard

Clock Face Bracelets
Antique Watch Face Bracelet - Clock Face Time - Time on Your Hands
Antique Lawn Mower Handle into Hanging Wall Bins

Vintage Cake Pans and Table Leg into Tiered Stand

Laundry Room Wall Decor from Vintage Iron Rest

Schoolhouse Chalkboard from Bed Side Rail

Trash Can from Antique Potato Bin

Banner from Antique Price Tags

Bunting from Antique Book Pages

Teapot Lamp

Antique Eye Glasses Display
Projector Screen Chalkboard

Repurposed Grainsack on Enamelware Pot
Dairy Sign/Shelf from Table Salvage
Candle holder from a large, metal bolt
Antique books bundled with strap from antique horse harness
Bike Seat Display
Pendant Light from Milk Can Lid
Coat Hook Rack from Antique Door Salvage
Photo Display from Tarnished Silver Bowl
Chalkboard Shelf from Sewing Machine Table Salvage
Shelf from Vintage Books

Wall Hooks from Antique Level

Sewing Display Pegs from Antique Sewing Machine Table Salvage

Wall Baskets from Vintage Fryer Baskets

Plant "stakes" from Vintage Tools

House Numbers from Vintage Garden Spade

Wall Basket from Antique Horse Muzzle

Antique Piano used as a Mantel

Unusual Photo Displays

Repurposed Old Cameras into Photo Displays

Repurposed Wooden Handles and Pans

Coat Rack from Old Gun Stock

Candle Holder from Old Bed Springs and Salvaged Wood


  1. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas for displaying vintage items!
    Have a lovely week, Maki

  2. wow!! what great projects!!

    thanks for sharing.


  3. Very inspiring! The "Milk Can Lid" is actually a milk strainer---the milk from either a bulk tank or pails would be strained thru this (this would be lined with a filter or cloth or fiber or later paper--still in use!!!!)into the milk cans for shipment. ---the actual lids are pretty cool but harder to find---they have a habit of wandering off and or rusting. The strainers also make cool lamps.

    Gives me new thoughts for those piles of great material--or as my husband puts it--all that crap lying about the place!!!!! Last time he complained he didn't like something I had dragged home he went to an auction (on sufferance) and saw the SAME thing I had bought for $1 (a chimney cabinet) sell for $800.00. He was a bit more--respectful---after that.

  4. Fantastic ideas! My head is spinning...thanks for sharing.

  5. Angie I had missed a lot of these! Oh my - you certainly have a way of seeing beyond what something was "intended" for! Love the garden tools (some of mine LOOK like antiques!) and that iron plate.

  6. Wow, I just found your blog! Love it! I think we must be sisters! ;-) I adore all these vintage projects you did. Very creative. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just love all you do and get such pleasure from your posts .Also very inspirational with all your wonderful imaginative work .

  8. How wonderful! Just love all your ideas and projects! A instant favorite site for me and looking forward to seeing all your creations. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Absolutely creative and stunning! Love it all. I am a new follower. I will be back again and again.

  10. I think I just found a new favorite blog. I love everything and all the wonderful ideas. Oh and thank you for letting me pen.

  11. wonderful - found you through pinterest - singed up for emails -thanks


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