Friday, March 14, 2014

Old World Paint Finish on a Modern Mirror

Generally speaking, I have to like the things I bring home that I plan to sell in my shop, but once in awhile, I buy something that I look at later, and wonder what I was thinking.  Several months ago I found this mirror in a thrift store.  It was a dumb purchase, because I try to resist buying things that are breakable, since I have to ship them.  The other thing about this mirror, is the frame was shiny gold.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with shiny gold, but it's not my style, unless it's on my ring finger.  I think it must have been the beveled edge on the mirror that made me buy it, because I honestly don't know what else it could have been.

It's hard to write a convincing selling description, if I don't even like the color myself, so I knew I was going to need to paint it.

The leafy shapes reminded me of designs on Corinthian columns, so I decided to attempt an old-world, old plaster looking finish, which isn't something I do very often, so it was a total experiment.
I only took one photo while I was working on it, but I mixed up a batch of white, homemade chalky paint (with Blue Minerals Paint Powder), and brush-painted a heavy, somewhat gloppy coat.  Once that dried, I applied some Valspar Antique Glaze, making sure it settled down into the cracks really well.  I got a damp rag, and wiped away a lot of the glaze, since I didn't want the whole thing to end up too dark.
I also distressed it just a smidge, so tiny peeks of gold would show through, and to add to the aged look.  I won't purposely start looking for shiny gold things that I need to paint, but I am really thrilled with how my gloppy paint/glaze/distress experiment turned out.  The glaze settled into the cracks and clops really well, and if this mirror doesn't sell, I can live with it in my home without kicking myself every time I see the frame.  It's available in my shop here.

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  1. good job Angie ... love the gloppy paint (old world) look ... will have to try that sometime.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z.

  2. The mirror came out beautifully! I love the color!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  3. You did a beautiful job with this, Angie! I have a big gold-colored mirror that I need to re-do!

  4. Love the mirror! Great job. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love the color and beautiful finish now. I have lots of "what was I thinking" junk, but sooner or later they end up with a new life.

  6. You did a nice job on the mirror, Angie! I am at Vintage Market & Design on Lomas in Albuquerque. I hope you get to stop by when you're in town!

  7. I do love the mirror frame, the leaves appeal to me.

  8. love this finish...pinned! Christine from Little Brags


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