Thursday, February 28, 2013

Antique Cabinet Door Chalkboard

When I brought home my hoard of antique windows recently, and did some dumpster diving in the salvage that was torn out of a very old building, I found a lovely old cabinet door buried in the dumpster.
White Wooden Chalkboard - Created from Antique Salvaged Cupboard Door
The inset panel made it perfect for converting into a chalkboard, so I did a dry-brushed coat of white paint over the frame and added a drawer pull to the bottom to hold the chalk.
White Wooden Chalkboard - Created from Antique Salvaged Cupboard Door
I was sorta hoping it wouldn't sell, because I would have squeezed it into my house somewhere, but it did.
White Wooden Chalkboard - Created from Antique Salvaged Cupboard Door
I'm picking up a super old counter that needs a bunch of TLC.  I have NO idea where I'll go with it, as we don't have a place for it inside our house and I don't have a booth, but when the man told me it was mine for the taking, I couldn't say no.  I rarely pass up a freebie, if it has any potential at all, and this counter has a lot of potential.
White Wooden Chalkboard - Created from Antique Salvaged Cupboard Door
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pinned and Done! {Wooden Twine Holder}

I want to send out a heart-felt "thank you" to all of you who shared your stories, wrote well-wishes and are sending up prayers for my son while he's at basic training.  I had no idea so many of you have been where I'm at as a mom and have grown sons who've already been-there/done-that.  It really does my heart good to hear your boys survived and are better men for it.

Okay, enough about me!  Do you have a mile-long list of projects on your Pinterest boards that you want to make?  Mine is probably closer to 2 miles long, and I know I'll never do them all, but when I discover I have most of what I need for a project - I'm all over it!

Today's "pinned and done" project is a wooden twine holder that I knew would be easy to duplicate.
Here's the inspiration photo that I pinned.
Sadly, the original source is a little sketchy, as the link just takes you to the photo again and searching didn't yield any results either (if you know - please tell me!).
I had a leg left over from all the chair projects I shared with you a few weeks ago, so I just bought a little round wooden base at Hobby Lobby, and screwed them together.  I drilled a hole at the top for the scissors to fit in.
Since the woods didn't match, I painted mine white, and called it, "Done!"
Have you "pinned and done" any projects lately?


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Dear Little Boy of Mine, Beanee Weenees, New Underwear & a Sale!

I do have an antique graphic to share with you today, but bear with me as I share a little peek into my family life first.

My oldest son left for Basic Training before dawn Tuesday morning.  This might sound kooky, but I couldn't stand the thought that he didn't need to take anything with him, except his cell phone, driver's license and birth certificate.  Nothing...just the clothes on his back, those few articles of identification, and his phone.

"Can't I get you a pack of new underwear and socks?", I asked him.
"No, mom.  I won't need it."  I told him I really thought I should get him some anyway, "just in case".  
His response?  "Mom, have you forgotten about the Beanee Weenee ordeal, and the fact that I went through Boy Scouts with the knickname Beanie Weenee because of it?"

I had forgotten about part of it, and didn't even know the other part.  When he was in the 6th grade, he joined Boy Scouts and went on his first backpacking camping trip.  The Boy Scout motto is, "Be Prepared", and I wanted to make sure my boy was well prepared for those several days he'd be away from home and the refrigerator, so like any good mother, I bought him food that didn't require refrigeration.  My son liked Beanie Weenees, so this good mom bought him 3 or 4 pull-tab cans of them, in addition to other snacks that didn't require a can opener either.  What this good mom didn't take into account was how heavy canned goods are, and the fact that he'd be toting all that weight on his back...for miles.  I addition to all the food, I made sure he took a clean pair of clothing for each day he'd be gone, extra socks, a warm coat, a rain get the idea.  Apparently I missed the memo, that unless they are soaking wet, Boy Scouts don't change their clothes much on campouts, so he didn't need all those clothes I insisted he pack.

We met up with the Scout troop and I was prepared to bid him goodbye, when his Scoutmaster picked up his backpack, and exclaimed, "What the heck do you have in this thing?", and proceeded to unload his backpack and pull out all the Beanie Weenees I had bought him.  What my son never told me until yesterday, is that he went through Boy Scouts with the name, "Beanie Weenee".

The evening before he left, my youngest son wanted to have a snowball fight.  It felt so good to spend that last evening before he left, together as a family.
My middle son chose an unfair weapon, using a shovel to scoop up massive amounts of snow.  Yes...that's my rear sticking up in the air.
 Oh look...there's my rear end again.
 Middle son has the goofiest look on his face, but he was winding up to really bean someone upside the head.
Brave future soldier boy, runs for the cover of our vehicle.
 Youngest son is about ready to get his drawers stuffed with a snowball by middle son.
 Rear in the air again, providing the perfect target for youngest son and my husband.
 It seems that if I wasn't sticking my rear in the air this whole fight, I was falling on it.  I sat down on my cute red metal chair, only to have it collapse on me.
(Note to self - turn that darn chair into my next chair recycling project!)
 My daughter didn't want to get hit with snowballs, so she opted to be the photographer and isn't in these photos, but we went out to eat at my son's choice of restaurant two nights before he left, where I shot this photo.
I'll probably be a blubbering mess all week, waiting to hear from him, and knowing I won't see him for at least 9 weeks.  He'll be gone for 17 long weeks.  I hope these months fly by quickly. honor of my "dear little boy" (because he'll always be my little boy), I hope you moms of boys will like these pages of antique sheet music.

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Birds on a Branch Wall Hooks - Created from Antique Salvaged Wood


Monday, February 25, 2013

Knick of Time Tuesday #75

Welcome back to Knick of Time Tuesday!

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Let's look at a few great features from last week's party!

Barb @ Treasures from the Heart shared her lovely vintage style laundry decor.

Melissa @ Shabby Love showed us how she is displaying her collection of silhouettes - beautiful!

Pam @House of Hawthornes shared some of her newly acquired still my ticking heart!

Marium @ Decorate Vintage showed us some recent vintage finds she's brought home.  Is this the coolest lamp, or what?  Make sure to take a look at her other finds!

Amy @ Kinser Home has the most beautiful chippy green mantel that she's now using as her headboard - a find from her uncle!
bed 2
Laurel @ Chipping with Charm came up with a creative way to display old photos!

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Now, it's time to strut your Vintage Style!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Ambivalent Relics

Who doesn't love old skeleton keys, clock faces, pretty little buttons, old door hardware and typewriters?  These are things I frequently bring into my home as little decorative items, so the jewelry from Ambivalent Relics became a favorite of mine.  Since I know that many of you love these types of pieces as well, you'll be glad to know that you'll have a chance to win this special Skeleton Key & Keyhole Necklace, offered by Jenny at Ambivalent Relics today!
Ambivalent Relics has been a favorite shop of mine for some time and I own several pieces of her jewelry already, so I'm happy to welcome her as one of my new sponsors.
Jenny creates her jewelry with inspiration from the Victorian & Edwardian era, as well as the Roaring 20's through early 60's.
Steampunk Assemblage Necklace
Her shop is filled with unique bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, sweater pins and barrettes and new pieces are constantly being added to her line.  A purchase from her shop comes with free gift wrapping and a free gift - how awesome is that?!!
Vintage Button Earrings
I LOVE this Walk it Off Antique Steampunk Pedometer Necklace!  Look at the beautiful aging and lovely numbers on the face.
Walk it Off --Antique Steampunk Pedometer Necklace
Jenny has a flair for the quirky & macabre as well, like this You Ought to Have Your Head Examined necklace, created from a vintage watch glass case an a phrenology head print.
You Ought to Have Your Head Examined Phrenology Necklace
One of my favorite pieces in her line is this Goodnight Moon Necklace that includes an antique typewriter key - adorable!
Goodnight Moon Necklace
Jenny has a brand new shop on Etsy called She Mused, where she carries Ear Gauges and Ear Plugs, with lovely vintage style as well.
Vintage Sign Metal Gauge Plug Earring 2 Gauge 6MM 1/4" Steampunk Gauge Plug Earring 2 Gauge 6MM 1/4"
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Good Luck!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sonday - {Whiter Than Snow}

I'd love to hear what your learned and read from the Scriptures this week.  Unfortunately, what I have to share with you, probably won't encourage you at all, and for that I'm sorry.

I'll be honest - I've felt frustrated this week.  To me, sin is like a big mud pit.   You may WANT out of that mud pit, but you feel helpless to get out of it.  You need someone to grab a hold of you and PULL you out.

I have sins in my life that I want, and need God's help with.  I feel like I've been floundering in the same mud pit of certain sins for so long and I feel like a weak, useless person who can't overcome them on my own.  I want to conquer these sins, but I feel like a failure to do so.  The problem is, I don't feel God's help and I've been questioning him about that.  I can't imagine why he wouldn't want me to overcome these sins and I can't imagine why I don't feel that he's helping me.  I guess I just want to know what it is that God wants me to do in order to get out of the mud!  As the song says, I want the Lord to "wash me and I will be whiter than snow".
Has anyone else ever asked God for help, but didn't feel like you got an answer or the help you need?  If so...please share with me.

I'm not including the Bible Buddies link (because it isn't getting used), I do hope you'll comment anyway.  If you had a "mountaintop" kind of week - encourage the rest of us.
If you had a "valley" kind of week, let us pray for you.  It was definitely a "valley" kind of week for me in my spiritual life, so I'd appreciate the prayers.

Hope your Sunday is blessed and restful,