Sunday, February 10, 2013

Up in the Rafters

You just never know what you'll find when you buy an old house.  Sometimes, it's really nasty stuff; sometimes it's something really wonderful.  We've been fortunate to find many interesting and useful things in this old house we bought.  My husband was taking things down from the rafters in our garage and found a bunch of these beautiful wood pieces, with ruler markeings and lots of pin hooks on them.
 I'm not positive, but I think they are parts of a quilting rack - that's my best guess anyway.

I'm keeping one for myself, but I've listed the rest in my shop.  They look so beautiful with dried flowers and herbs hanging on them!
 Love a good find...especially one from my own home!


  1. Neat idea Angie ... and I do believe they are parts of quilting frames. The frames I have have stands, but I remember my Mom and Grandma quilting on frames that hung from the ceiling with ropes. When they got through quilting, they just rolled up the sides and pulled it up toward the ceiling and out of the way.
    Good that you can go treasure hunting on your own property.
    Audrey Z
    Timeless Treasures.

  2. This is awesome, Angie! I have some that are similar, but have small nails instead of hooks...we used them with burlap panels to make backdrops for sales!

  3. Super cool! The older I get the older my treasures get. We Antiques must stick together.

  4. Wish I was your neighbour have the coolest stuff!


  5. Such a lovely way to incorporate flowers and quilting frames. My Mom was a beautiful quilter and I remember she and her friends sitting over frames like these. They would have the quilt set up in our living room.

  6. What a great find..
    I like how you used it..
    Have a great day..

  7. That IS an awesome find! I would definitely use it to dry herbs.

  8. Another idea -- these could have been curtain stretchers in another life. When lace curtains were washed, they would be stretched on a similar apparatus to dry and to be blocked. Sally

  9. We have the original old house on our property, now being used as a shed (my workshop, grooming room and laundry!). We haven't had the guts to get up into the rafters to see what's up there...

  10. Wow! Those are gorgeous, Angie! And you have found the perfect use for the one you're keeping!♥ xoxo


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