Sunday, February 17, 2013

Milk and Cream Co. Sign

I'm usually pretty happy if a project turns out close to what I've envisioned in my mind, but every once in awhile, a project turns out even better than I'd hoped.
This is one of those rare projects.

For several months, I've had this image saved on one of my Pinterest boards.
Pinned Image
I love the font and simple wording, and based on the concept, I made this wooden sign.
Pinned Image
But, I knew eventually I would create a sign to look like the original.  I just needed the right things to work with.  Bringing home 50+ antique windows (I'll tell you more about that later) and having a new Silhouette, meant I finally had what I needed.

Nothing special about how I made it.  First, I took the image to Photoshop to remove the white background, so the Silhouette would be able to "see" the lines around the words.  Then I cut the image on Contact paper and positioned it on the glass (that was the trickiest part, but my husband lent his 2 hands to hold it while I got it in place).  I taped copy paper all around the vinyl, so when I spray painted over the it, none of the paint would get on the rest of the glass or on the wood frame (which is deliciously chippy).  Before removing any of the paper or vinyl, I sprayed a sealer coat over it to protect the paint from scratching off.  If anyone wants the image with the background removed, here it is.  Once you open the image in the Silhouette software, you just have to use the "trace" function so it knows to cut around the letters.
I was thrilled with the results when I pulled the vinyl away.  Working on glass is definitely easier than working on wood, because you get firm contact between the glass and the vinyl, not any little gaps that the paint can ooze under wood grain.

Hope you have a Milk and Cream kind of day!


  1. Very nice, as usual, Angie. You are getting on really good with your Silhouette. I sure would like to have a Silhoutte so I could make professional looking signs. Need to find one on sale. Love the sign on the window, but my favorite is the one on wood.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  2. Fabulous!!! You nailed it with the lettering on the vintage window!

  3. Great pieces, Angie. They turned out beautifully- xo diana

  4. Such a sweet look you got with that on the window. Sounds like the silhouette makes for some great project help!

  5. Everything's coming up roses.

    A beauty Angie....lucky customer who gets to take it home!


  6. I suppose you guessed I'm pinning this. I have not done vinyl yet on an old window. I think I feel it coming on.


  7. Angie,
    This is so great. Love the old window and a great job on the lettering. Love this.

  8. Hi Angie,
    I absolutely love your creative signs. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!
    Carolynn xoxo

  9. I am fighting buying a Silhouette, but you keep posting such great projects with yours. This is so primitive and elegant.

  10. i love this project. it looks amazing!

  11. Wishing I'd bought a sillouette instead of my Cricut a couple years ago so I could download such fun. Will have to figure it out on the C to resemble yours. Growing up with a father owning a dairy I have to have one.

  12. I really love it! I have an old window sitting on top of my to do pile of projects. Thanks for the inspiration! Stop by the enchanted oven for a visit!

  13. I love this!! I have lots of old windows, I might have to try this!!


  14. I think you need your own book or magazine and I am being totally serious! EVERYTHING you create is amazing!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Project Inspire{d} ~

    Hugs, Mary Beth

  15. That is really super cute! I love it on the old window. Little Bit from p.s. I'm pinning it too.

  16. I love this and appreciate you sharing the graphic.
    xx, Sherry

  17. Your sign is wonderful. I passed up windows 3 times in the past. Now that I want some, I will probably never get another offer.

  18. The original is cool and your take on it is terrific. Thank you for sharing it.

  19. I am trying this RIGHT NOW....I have been trying to figure out that dang trace function forever and this explained it better than anyone!! Thank you so much!

  20. Here's my little project with your graphic:
    Thanks for sharing!


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