Friday, February 15, 2013

Dirty Laundry

It's not often that I like to air my dirty laundry with you all, but for the sake of honesty, I'm going to.  Not only am I going to talk about this incredibly ugly laundry hamper, but it gets worse.
I spotted this ugly thing in my workshop and realized I should either do something with it, or donate it, and since we're remodeling the laundry room, I thought maybe I could make it look better and actually use it, rather than just keep allowing it to take up space in my workshop.
Vintage Metal Pink Laundry Hamper - Mid Century Retro - Floral Motif
I brought it inside and painted it with some white, homemade chalk paint.  Now that the offensive, pink tole painting was gone, it already looked 100% better, but I felt it needed a little something.

I decided to use an antique graphic for an Empire clothes wringer that I shared with you a long time ago, (here).  I would love to have used my new Silhouette to make a stencil I could paint over, but there was too much detail in the wringer image, so I knew it would be impossible to get a decent design cut on vinyl.

Instead, I ordered a print from Staples (reversed) and decided to try transferring the image instead.

I'd read tutorials about using Modge Podge to transfer an image to wood, but never tried it myself, so I thought this would be a good opportunity, but I couldn't find my bottle of Modge Podge.  I've used Elmer's for most of my decoupage projects, so I figured it might work the same least I hoped it would.

Some of you are probably screaming at this point - "Don't do it, Angie, don't do it!"
Because you and I both know, (but I wasn't thinking), that you can't wipe chalk paint with a wet rag if it hasn't been just wipes off the paint, but as I said, I wasn't thinking.  Stay with me - there's even more dirty laundry I'll spill about this project.

I trimmed around the image and painted a coat of glue over it with a foam brush, then smoothed it in place on the laundry hamper, using a bank card to get the glue bubbles out from under it.  I let it dry for about 4 hours and was excited to see how the results would turn out.  I dampened the paper and started lightly rubbing it away.  I was so happy to see that it was working - the image was coming off the paper and sticking to my laundry hamper!
Yes, the paint was coming off around the edges, but I figured I could touch that up after getting all the paper off.  Yes, some of the image was coming off too, but I figured I could touch that up with a little black paint, if needed, but I was okay with some of it coming off.
What I wasn't okay with, is what I realized next.  Wanna take a guess?

Yep...I put the image on the hamper upside-down!
So, my hamper is right back to ugly again.  We do need a laundry hamper, but I really don't feel like starting all over again on this project.
If I get motivated to fix this epic failure, I'll let you know.  If I fail again, don't expect me to air any more dirty laundry with you.  I do have a little pride.


  1. Thank you for sharing this un-project - I love it both for the chuckle I got (with you, not at you of course :-) ) but also because I have SO many projects that end up like this .. and I get a little depressed when I see all the picture perfect projects on the blogs I follow. Now, my HEAD knows that you pretty bloggers all have bad days and things that don't turn out, but my HEART thinks that y'all are just so stinking perfect, lol. So my heart thanks you for showing that you're human like the rest of us :0) That is a nice hamper, I look forward to seeing how you put it to rights someday!


  2. Oh no!!! That would have looked so great on there. Sorry that happened. My motto is try try again. Let it go for a few days and then revisit doing something with it. I think it is going to be adorable.

  3. Don't you just hate that? I do the same things and feel like I'm the only one that does it. I was painting a piece of furniture for a client the other night and spilled a whole glass of wine all over my new chair.... upholstered chair. UGH! I get so mad and frustrated at myself

  4. First, I have to tell you that I sell the heck out of those tole painted hampers so I never have to paint them. Second, I do many projects with reverse Mod Podge. I can do it my sleep or so I thought. I did a series of four graduated benches each with the image on backwards. A whole lot of sanding went on! Just think of a clever saying about being upside down.

  5. Oh no! I love your blooper, but feel your pain:-) Been there, done that and I'll give you an A for effort. I'm sure it will be fabulous when the second round is successful.

  6. Been there, done that. If we don't make mistakes we don't learn. Thanks for the giggle.
    Chris =]

  7. That is something I would do and have done.. In due time you may get the desire to redo it but for now I say it works. Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh, Angie, you have a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humor that is so endearing.♥ I am sorry that you put so much time and effort into the Hamper from H***, but you'll re-redo it one day, and the upside-down-peeling-chalk-paint fiasco will be but a distant memory! xoxo

  9. I love the piece anyway! Very cool!

  10. Oh...sorry this has turned into such a frustration for you...great idea though! I am sure you will go back to it one day!
    Maybe in the meantime it can be a reminder for your family not to put their clothes in it inside out! :)

  11. I just hate when I do something similar and I swear I've made every mistake in the book. My enthusiasm overrides my thought process sometimes. Put it aside and don't think about it for awhile.

  12. Oh gosh! These things have happened too many times to me too! It is such a heartsick moment! I just painted a cute nightstand only to have the paint all peel off for some reason.....scraped the loose paint, painted again....coming off again! The nightstand is in my pile of maybe someday projects now! SO ANNOYING!

  13. OK, so my mind is trying to salvage it.... can you leave it the wrong way, hang it on the laundry room wall with the lid flapped open, chalkboard paint the lid and it's now a laundry room shelf/chalkboard?

    Otherwise how about a big trash can in your shop!


  14. Hi Angie, LOL Oh I have also done this a time or two getting graphics upside down. LOL
    Love the white redesign and I bet the trash can turned out pretty too. I am in the process of many whiteovers too. My new name for going white.
    You got me to thinking though, I so hope my decorative painting is not viewed as offensive. Oh my!!!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  15. sometimes it just happens that way! Cute idea though!

  16. Oh Angie, I felt something went pear shaped as I was reading your story. It felt like one of those suspense novels you just cannot put down until you read the end! But I never expected the ending to be so heart sore! But on a bright note, you've done a beautiful job and its not beyond salvage. I love that color and the graphic:)


  17. I agree, the white is so much better. I think you should leave the image upside down and live with it. You know how items are sought after when the graphic are printed incorrectly? well this could be one of those times.... I live in a small town and I remember when the whole newspaper was printed backwards one time and they delivered it that way to everyone. LOL I say keep it and fall in love the hamper just the way it is.

  18. What a terrific idea. Please, when you fix, it make sure you show us again how it turns out.

  19. Oh shoot! It's gonna look cool when you get it right. I had two of those hampers and they saw every sale i had last year couldn't sell em. I didn't even have the patience to paint, good on ya for trying

  20. Oh Angie ... can't believe you did that ... but with all you do and your mind going a
    mile-a-minute, things like that can happen. You will get it worked out and it will be very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the "fix".
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  21. So close and yet so far, right? Well, you do make the rest of us feel better as far as some of our project troubles go. I know you'll come up with a great new idea. Not a doubt in my mind!

  22. omg. Something I could see myself doing


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