Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Early 1900's Ivory Soap Ads

Ivory Soap used to produce some of the most beautiful advertisements.  Part of my fascination with old advertisements, is seeing which companies have stood the test of time and are still in existence, as Ivory Soap has.  This image came from 1908, although I'm not sure which magazine it was published in.  I also find it interesting that they didn't create so many products to do every single household chore.  The same soap you could use on your body, you could also use on your clothing, unlike today, where there is a product for each individual household task.
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 This image is from a 1913 Modern Priscilla magazine.  The woman is creating handmade lace.
I absolutely love this image - especially her lovely hair!
I love this little image that was often included at the bottom of their advertisements.
Unfortunately, this 1910 Ivory ad has a tear through it, but I still love it.
I don't always buy Ivory soap, but I do occasionally buy it, and sometimes I purchase it just to display in jars, because I love the pure white, very simple look the bars have.

Come back tomorrow to see a project I created with one of these pages!



  1. good morning Angie. Oh ... I love what you are doing with these old magazines and the graphics you are getting from them. Can't wait to see what you do with them. You are always so creative.
    Thanks for the link-back. I feel so honored.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures.

  2. I used Ivory Soap for years until my dermatologist told me to switch to Dove. Now I've got mini Dove soap bars stored in a large Mason jar in the bathroom. Good thing it's white, because I like the simple look of white soap, too.

    Great graphics from a simpler time!

  3. Lovely old graphics! I just love old paper stuff!


  4. I haven't thought about Ivory soap for a long time.
    My Grandmother always had Ivory soap
    and it smelled so good, best I remember
    May have to go buy a couple bars

  5. These old pages, while a product ad, are also such a sweet history. Loved the one of the woman making the lace.

  6. What gorgeous ads!♥ Thank you for sharing, Angie.: ) xoxo

    1. What a clever idea to display opened bars of Ivory soap! Who'd have thought?!? xoxo

  7. The ads are charming. I especially like the lacemaker's ad. But I always wondered about Ivory's claim to be 99.44% pure. Pure what?


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