Monday, December 31, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #67

Welcome back to Knick of Time Tuesday.
I'm glad you came by to ring in the New Year with me!

Before we start the party, I wanted to share
this wonderful 100 year old New Year's image that came 
from the cover of  a 1913 Comfort magazine.  
It's quite tattered and worn, but after
100 years, that's to be expected.  I love it!
This cover was generously sent to me by
to hop over and thank her!
Here's the original cover before I cropped the image.

Now, it's time to see what vintage style
you blogged about this week, and get this party started!

You are welcome to link to your shop,
as long as they are vintage items (over 20 years).

Have you added my NEW button to your post or sidebar?
Please do so before you link up.
You've gotta have the link be featured.
If you plan to pin any of these images to Pinterest, 
PLEASE do so from the original posters blog or shop - not from here.

Here are a few great features shared at last week's party!
Rob @ Island Rustic took a helicopter ride
above an "ocean" of gorgeous clouds.

Julie @ Restyle Relove turned a tv cabinet
into an adorable play sink for her kids.
Go check out the before and after!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter Queen
shared some priceless old photos of her relatives
making the best of the cold winters in Minnesota.
Be sure to go see the all!

Carolynn @ Chenille Cottage
shared her love of snow and snowmen,
and some interesting facts about snowflakes.
Hop over to see her beautiful blog header too - I love it!

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Now, let's see YOUR Vintage Style!

Wishing you a New Year full
of love, blessings and creativity!


Friday, December 28, 2012

12 from 2012

I thought I'd share the top 12 posts & projects
from 2012 with you (excluding giveaways and the weekly link party).
If you're a fairly new visitor here, I hope you enjoy these,
and those of you who have been around
awhile will probably remember most of them.
#1 post - both in page views and comments was
our remodeled kitchen.  It received 154 comments
and 8,375 page views.  Thank you all who came to see it!
In all honestly, it's never been as clean as the
day this photo was taken, and short of hiring a maid,
probably never will be.

Closely related, my Farmhouse Table post
ranked pretty high too, but I think
it's because of the good-looking guy who gave it a kiss!

#2 was my remodeled "Ladies' Room",
with over 123 comments and 5,168 page views.
This was the first fully-remodeled room in our house.
Thank you to all the blog party hosts that featured it!

#3 was my Ironstone & Tarnished Silver Displays,
which received 69 comments and 1,718 page views.
Chippy painted wood, ironstone & patina
are definitely well-loved by many of you.

#4 was my tutorial for making
Restoration Hardware knock-off"metal" stencils.
It got 56 comments and over 6,000 page views.

It received such high page views, because
Donna @ Funky Junk featured it on her FB page,
so there were comments on her FB page as well.

#5 was my Headboard Coat Racks, which were a lot of fun
to create and did well in my shop.  You all
left 46 comments and there were 1,427 page views.
Turning several of them into chalkboards
made them doubly useful - and fun!
I still have a few of them available in my shop HERE.

#6 was my Upcycled Tin Cans, which
were fun to make with antique sheet music,
and such an inexpensive project.  You all left 42 comments.

#7 was the Cozy Sweater Candleholders,
which were a hit during the winter,
with 33 comments and 1,073 page views.
I sold several of these in my shop as well,
and have a few more for sale now HERE.

#8 - Turning old drawers into Chalkboard Display Shelves
was an easily doable project that received 32 comments.

My Little Spring Tool Tote came in at #9,
which was commented on 31 times.
Who can resist old, tarnished silverware?

#10 - Many of you shared my love of Playing with Buttons,
and 30 of you left comments about them.

Strolling in at #12 is my entryway, which I wallpapered
in dictionary pages from the same year I was born.
It got 29 comments and 1,709 page views.

Since we're heading into 2013,
I'll share just one more.

My most repinned images on Pinterest are always
my antique graphics, even though those aren't highly commented on.

#13 in the lineup are these 1800's Pear's Soap advertisements,
which are the most popular graphics I've shared to date, with 24 comments.
The "Printable Antique Graphics" tab at the top of
my blog has received over 15,000 page views!
I'm glad others love them as much as I do.

Oops - I just realized that my painted piano
actually came in #7 with 34 comments,
but I'm too lazy to redo my image at the top or
change this whole post!  Glad you all liked it though!

I hope 2012 was a year you'll look back on
with fond memories and 2013 will be a year
filled with much love, joy & growth for you.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

A few summers ago, I bought this piece at an auction.
It was the drop-down "desk" front part
off an antique secretary.
Repurposed Cabinet Door Chalkboard via Knick of Time
I love it when I find pieces like
this, because not only do they
have "history" behind them, but
I can usually get them at a decent
price because not many people
are looking for broken things and
parts of things at auctions, which is
usually what I have my eye out for.

I  a d o r e  this piece.
Truly, adore it.
I painted it black and
turned it into a sign for my booth space,
but we moved, so I only stayed
in that space a few months and I no longer have a booth.

For awhile, I had it hanging outside the door
of my workshop, but I needed to take
some photos there, so I took it down.

Since then, it's just been sitting
inside my workshop, because my
family wasn't really dying to have
a "Knick of Time" sign hanging in our house.
I didn't bother listing it in my shop,
because who else would want
a "Knick of Time" sign hanging in
their house either?

I decided I really needed to do something
with it, rather than holding it captive
in my workshop.  I sanded my lettering
off, then did chalkboard paint in
the 2 center panels.
Repurposed Cabinet Door Chalkboard via Knick of Time
I still a d o r e it.
I adore it even more, now that
I wrote a Bible verse on it.
The problem house is m a x e d out.
I argued with myself for about a half hour
before finally listing it in my shop.

If it doesn't sell before I find a place
to squeeze it into my already packed house,
I'll change my mind though!
Repurposed Cabinet Door Chalkboard via Knick of Time
By the way, did you notice in the photo
of it as my sign - there was no chippy paint?
Then, in my recent photo, there is chippy paint?
I didn't do any distressing, other than
sanding my lettering off - just hanging
outside my workshop achieved that finish.
It looks like the chippiness occured over many years,
but it was just a few months hanging outside my building.
Repurposed Cabinet Door Chalkboard via Knick of Time

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #66

Welcome back to Knick of Time Tuesday!
I hope you had a wonderful  Christmas, shared with your family.
We enjoyed a nice, relaxing day at home yesterday.
Because Christmas fell on a Tuesday,
I'm starting the party a little late
this week, but I didn't want you to miss the
Christmas features from last week's party.

Since today is Wednesday though, I'll also
share a few antique graphics that I normally
share on Wednesdays.

This is a 1911 advertisement for
Lowney's Cocoa, that was kindly sent to me by
Audrey @ Timeless Treasures.

I love the little metal tin image.
Here is the complete advertisement -
in both a black & white color tone and the
original color tone.

Now, let's get the party started!

You are welcome to share items that are for sale,
as long as they are vintage items (over 20 years).

Have you added my button to your post or sidebar?
Please do so before you link up!
Only those who link back will be featured.
If you plan to pin any of these images to Pinterest, 
PLEASE do so from the original posters blog or shop - not from here.

Here are a few great features shared at last week's party!

Becky @ From Gen to Gen
uses her grandmothers dough tray as a
manger for baby Jesus.

Pernilla @ Swedish Corner Down Under
has her space dressed up nice and cozy for Christmas!

Aimee @ It's Overflowing
shared a tour of her home decorated for Christmas.
Easy Anthropologie Knockoff Cream Tufted Wool Wreath Tutorial ItsOverflowing.com2.jpg

Lorena @ My Shabby Chic Home
created this PB inspired NOEL sheet music canvas.

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Now, let's see YOUR Vintage Style!