Friday, November 30, 2012

Time on my Hands

Months and months, ago I purchased a collection
of antique wrist watch faces because I
just knew there was something wonderful
I could do with them.  They arrived in the mail,
I ohhed and ahhed over them, then
put them in a jar for safekeeping and
promptly forgot I had them.
While working on my antique tape measure bracelets,
I went to my jars of craft supplies to get some supplies,
and discovered my poor little forgotten
watch faces.   Since I already had the
supplies out to make bracelets,
I decided it was high time to do something
with these little guys, and I was in bracelet "mode",
so that's what they became.
I made a few of them,
so one if you need a little extra time
on your hands, you can get it HERE...;0)
Antique Watch Face Bracelet - Clock Face Time - Time on Your Hands

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Point & Shoot

Today I'm going to talk to you about
Point and Shoot.
Specifically, about pointing and shooting
a can of spray paint at your old
point and shoot camera,
to turn it into a photo display stand.

I have a few cameras in my junk drawers
that have been retired from service.
I don't like donating them to thrift stores,
because unless they are collectible cameras,
no one else wants an old camera that
may or may not work, so thrift
stores can hardly give them away.
Chances are good, you have some retired cameras
in your junk drawers too, so you may like this project.
I came across this photo on Pinterest,
which, sadly I couldn't trace back to the original source,
and it inspired me to do something
with those junk cameras sitting in my drawers.

I started with this old Pentax camera.
I screwed a spring clip into the back.
Then I spray painted the whole thing with
several coats of white paint and added a coat
of spray sealer to protect the look.
 I loved how it turned out, so I
also did this cute little old Kodak camera also.
 I love finding a way to reuse something that would
have been total junk otherwise,
and I think these make a wonderful photo display as well.
Both are available at in my shop.
Go point and shoot your can of spray paint
at your old point and shoot!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Repurposed Tape Measure Projects

Repurposed Tape Measure Projects/repurposed and upcycled/ by
As usual, I found myself working on theme items
this week for my shop.  I don't usually try think 
of themes to work on...they just happen.
A customer asked me to create 3 measuring tape
bracelets for her and I only had one made up,
so I got busy making some more.
Antique Tape Measure Bracelet with Vintage Buttons - Upcycled Measuring Tape
Then someone else ordered another one,
and someone else ordered another one.
I knew my week was going to be filled with numbers.
Antique Tape Measure Bracelet with Vintage Buttons - Upcycled Measuring Tape
I decided to create some matching earrings as well.
Repurposed Tape Measure Earrings/a repurposed and upcycled project/by

Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets/a repurposed and upcycled project/by
Since I had all the supplies out,
I decided to create some other bracelets
from another antique measuring tape I had just brought home.
Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets/a repurposed and upcycled project by
Each one is a little different, with different buttons on them.
Repurposed Tape Measure and Button Bracelets/a repurposed and upcycled project by
All of the bracelets are available HERE.

I started working on another coat rack
and painted it with chalkboard paint, but it seemed
a little too plain, so I added some of the tape measure
to the top of it.  I fell in love with the old schoolhouse
look it now has.  I think it would be great
to write the family member's names above the hooks,
and leave little messages as well.
Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack/a salvaged and upcycled project/by
 I distressed along the edges and sanded
the coat hooks, so it all looks really aged.
Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack/a salvaged and upcycled project/by
 This baby is really long - over 67 inches,
so it will work well for an entryway.
Repurposed Bed Side Rail Chalkboard Coat Rack/a salvaged and upcycled project/by
Since I was on a roll, I decided to make
some "old school" looking wooden hangers as well.
Repurposed Tape Measure Projects/repurposed and upcycled/ by
Old book prints and maps look wonderful displayed on them.
Repurposed Tape Measure Projects/repurposed and upcycled/ by
In addition to creating things with cloth measuring tapes,
I also listed 2 wooden folding rulers in the shop as well.
Repurposed Tape Measure Projects/repurposed and upcycled/ by

Repurposed Tape Measure Projects/repurposed and upcycled/ by
I hope your week is measuring up too!
see the other bed side rail coat rack here.

Antique Graphics Wednesday - 2 Winter Sheet Music Pages

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Evergreens and Pinecones

Earlier this week I shared some pretty ways
to display pine cones, so today I have some
wonderful pine cone images you can use
for your winter projects.
These evergreen and pine cone images come from an antique
Field Book of Natural History.


Check out the rest of the images I've posted in previous weeks
by clicking on the tab "Antique Graphics to Print", located under my header.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #62

Welcome back to the 62nd
This is the place to share anything 
old, treasured, passed-down or tattered.
Share anything vintage (or newly created to look that way!)

You are welcome to share items that are for sale,
as long as they are vintage items (over 20 years).

Have you added my button to your post or sidebar?
Please do so before you link up!
If you plan to pin any of these images to Pinterest, 
PLEASE do some from the original posters blog - not from here.

Here are a few great features shared at last week's party!

Julie @ Restyle Relove
made over a worn old footstool into
a chic, Paris-inspired one - love it!

Doreen @ Hymns and Verses (LOVE her blog/business name!)
creates this gorgeous framed artwork, which she sells in her Etsy shop.

Simone @ Art of 66
found this amazing old wooden window frame
as a roadside rescue - what good luck!

Laura @ All Good Gifts
received a wonderful gift from her father,
who taught himself how to cane chairs
and made this one for her.
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Now, let's see YOUR Vintage Style!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

13 Pine Cone Projects

The wonderful thing about Christmas decorating,
is that you can create beauty using
just natural elements provided by the good Lord.

One of my favorite elements is pine cones,
and you can usually find them free for the picking - 
if not in your own yard, then from a friend,
or in a park.  I constantly pick up pine
cones when on walks and have baskets of 
them all over, but I thought it would be nice
to find some pretty variations for them.

Here are 13 pine cone decor ideas 
that inspired me.  Click on the photos to
view from the original source (when known).

I really love this idea of stringing
them to make a garland.
Pinned Image
Pine cones put back where they started...on a branch.
Pining Away
Simple, yet elegant.
Picture 32
Very pretty added to greenery and lights for a window garland.
{original source unknown}
Pinned Image
I think these jars with pine cones would make
inexpensive, yet pretty gifts.  Just paint the tips,
add them to wire wrapped around the jar and 
include a candle inside.
Isn't this lovely?!
{original source unknown}
pine cones
A cute idea if you are having dinner guests.
DIY: Pinecone Seating Card Holders article photo
Coated with scented wax - pretty to look at and to smell.
Painted Pinecones
Pretty pine cone trees
Hearth Display
Pretty table centerpieces
Pinecone Christmas Trees
Glued to the edge of a basket - very pretty!
And simply sitting pretty in a basket.
I remember doing this peanut butter and bird seed on pine cone
project with my kids when they were younger.
They had fun making them and enjoyed watching
the birds eat their treat.
Hang a Bird Feeder
Are you including pine cones or other natural
elements in your Christmas decorating?

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