Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday's Theme {headboard coat racks}

I have no idea why I have such an addiction to old headboards, but I do.  I don't have a booth anywhere, so I have no place to sell them, but I just keep bringing them home with me.

I currently have 12 of them in my workshop and had to come up with some projects to create from them, so my husband won't complain about my addiction.
I showed you this chalkboard I made a few weeks ago with one of them.

That chalkboard is too large to ship, so I modified it and turned it into a chalkboard coat rack instead.

There are 3-stem coat hooks on each side and a drawer pull in the center to hold the chalk.
Now, I'm addicted to creating these and love how it turned out, so I made a bunch of them!

This one is an antique headboard.
Here's how it looked before I cut the lower part of the posts off and painted it.
I love the old style drawer pulls and pretty knobs I found to add to it.
 I created 2 of this style.
Here's the before shot of this one.
I love the shape of this headboard and I added a clock face graphic above the chalkboard.
Another old style drawer pull for the chalk.
This coat rack was made from just the leg portion of a headboard.  
I added a really pretty metal scrolled piece in the center, along with matching fancy coat hooks.
This is very old and beautiful antique foot board.  It looked so lovely,
I decided not to paint it, and instead freshened it up with some stain/sealer and added some pretty knobs to use as hangers for jackets or baskets. 
Everything about this headboard is so gorgeous - from the scalloped shape, to the detailed posts.  It looks almost black in the photos, but is really a deep, rich dark brown.
Antique Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Created from Antique Footboard Antique Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Created from Antique Footboard
She's a beauty!  I have the matching headboard from this bed, so I plan to make it similar to this one to hang in our bedroom.
For now, I have the footboard hanging in my living room.
(Sure wish I could hide that stupid thermostat!)
Since I still had the lower portion of the pretty legs to work with, I turned it into a coat rack also, but I decided to paint it first.  I added extra large coat hooks to it.

 I added metal medallions from another old bed. The hole to mount the coat rack is under each medallion. I left the original little metal wheels on it.
Anyone else out there share my addiction to headboards?
If so, what have you done with yours?

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Vintage Alphabet Flashcards

 I purchased a few sets of school flashcards from the 1960's
at a flea market this summer, with cute illlustrations on each letter card.
The only problem with buying sets of flashcards
is that you only receive one of each letter,
but having these images, you can print whatever
letters you need to form words.

Flashcards like these make great banners,
as well as photo props, so I hope you enjoy them.
I left a little bit of a black border around them,
to make it easier to cut them out when printed.

Click on the images to enlarge


I hope you enjoy these and do something fun with them!

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