Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transforming Time

I bought this vintage clock about 6 months ago because
I really liked the face, but it isn't a high-end clock
and the wood is not great quality, so I knew I would
either remove the face and use it for display, or
attempt to do something to improve its appearance.
First, I gave coat of CeCe Caldwell's Smoky Mountain paint and although
it looked wonderful, the color wasn't right for my living
room or kitchen, so I gave it another coat of Pittsburg Gray
and that ended up being the perfect color to match
the gray window that divides the two rooms.
I did just a tiny bit of distressing in a few spots,
and I love the little touch of color that shows through
with the Smoky Mountain under the gray.  It
wasn't a planned thing, but I'm really happy with that.
Unfortunately,  when my husband removed
the glass face cover, I left it sitting on the kitchen counter
while I painted it and let the paint dry, and
someone didn't see it there and set something on it,
breaking the glass, so it no longer has a glass cover.
Eventually, I may get around to getting a new one for it.
I love the rhythmic ticking sound,
and am thrilled with the new look of my $12 clock.
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Sonday - Seedtime & Harvest


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rise and Shine

I am SOOO not a morning person.
Don't get me wrong, I love mornings.
I love the fresh air, the dew on the grass,
and early morning sun is so gorgeous.
The only thing I don't like about morning,
is how early it comes.

I'm at my most productive self in the middle
of the night.  Every good idea I've ever had
came in the middle of the night.
That becomes a problem when you need to get up 
early and you stayed up really late the night before,
(or early in the same morning, as the case may be).

Today is a prime example.
It is now 2:05 am.
I have to wake up at 6am to get ready to take my
son to work at a fundraiser breakfast.
I'll be paying for blogging at this hour for the rest of the day.
Anyway, I've been working on several signs recently,
and this is one I haven't shown you yet.
I was inspired by this cute silhouette I shared with you HERE.
I also have a love/hate relationship with roosters.
I love how they look.
I even love to hear them crow.
I just don't like it when they crow right outside
my bedroom window when I haven't gotten at least 7 hours
of sleep - which is why we no longer own roosters.

The other reason is that a rooster attacked
me as a child when I was sitting in our yard
playing the harmonica.  Apparently he wasn't 
impressed with my musical skills.
I've gotten over my childhood rooster-attacking trauma
though, and still like roosters...or at the very least,
I like images of roosters.

If you like roosters and appreciate early mornings,
this sign will be listed in my shop later today,
if I'm still functional after the fundraiser breakfast.

It is now 2:22 am,
and I will get less than 4 hours of sleep,
if I fell asleep this very minute.
I may rise at 6am, but I doubt I'll be doing much shining.
I'll shine later...after I've gotten a
nice, long nap.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time Well Spent

Time is "well spent" for the clock and watch faces I've used,
to create this sign,
but I think it is also serves as a gentle reminder to spend our time wisely.
Repurposed Clock Faces Sign via Knick of Time
I love, the crackled look of the varnish on this old wood.
I used CeCe Caldwell chalk paint, in the colors
Vermont Slate and Johnston Daffodil.  I lightly sanded the
whole sign and did it a little heavier around some of the edges.
chippy paint via Knick of Time
The sign was purchased by a special customer of mine,
because the message had real meaning for her.
Repurposed Clock Faces Sign via Knick of Time
I'll bet you'll never guess what this wood was before I turned it into a sign.'s a hint.
When I bought this old piano, it was the inside I wanted to display
because it's an absolutely beauty, so I removed the front wooden piece.
Here's that piece on the piano (photo taken in thrift store where I bought it).
It was a really large piece, so we created shelves out of some of it
and I had a few smaller pieces left over that had the pretty trim
on them, making them perfect for signs.
By the way, I've sold many of these old wooden shoe lasts
in my shop and have just 2 still available.  Click on the photo
to go to the listing for them.
Vintage Wooden Shoe Last - Shoe Form - St. Louis, MO
Hope you have a "well spent" day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Theme for Thursday {stencil it!}

Nothing was safe from getting stenciled this week.
I picked up a few new sets of stencils and
couldn't resist putting words on anything that couldn't escape me.

I started off stenciling pages for the "GIVE THANKS" banner I
showed you HERE (and you can print the pages).
Available in the shop to purchase HERE.
Next, I thought I'd "LIVE LIFE" on the industrial side
by painting a few old metal drawers.
Available in the shop HERE.
This one is sure to bring some "JOY"
for the Christmas season.
It was obvious that a very tattered old Bible, missing the entire book
of Genesis and some other pages as well, was
a real source of "HOPE" for whoever owned and read it so much.
Old books without their covers...perfect to
"WELCOME HOME" loved ones.
And I was having fun, so I made another one...
Available in the shop HERE.
 and another one.
Available in the shop HERE.
And I thought this rusty, old toolbox would
look right at "HOME" in an autumn display.
Available in the shop HERE.
My son's dog was sleeping next to me while I was
working on these projects, and I was tempted to
stencil "lazy beast" on his side, but instead
I let him "DREAM" in peace, and
stenciled on a wooden clothes hanger instead.
And you can't make just one of something,
so my "FAMILY" inspired another one.
Available in the shop HERE.

Well, that's my theme for this Thursday!
Do you have any special "theme" projects you are working on this week?

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Antique Graphics Wednesday - Corticelli Thread Advertisements

I have quite a few old Corticelli spools that I love,
so it was nice to see these advertisements from 
a 1906 Ladies Home Journal magazine.

I've removed the backgrounds from both images
so they can be layered over other images,
using programs like Paint & Gimp.

The image above came from this advertisement.
These advertisements were all sent to me by
Audrey @ Timeless Treasures. - thank you, Audrey!


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Antique Graphics Wednesday - 3 Dress Form Images

These 3 wonderful images of dress forms are from
the early 1900's and were sent to me by

This one was in an ad in a 1911
"The Modern Priscilla" magazine and
is a Hall-Borchert adjustable dress form.
Click on image to enlarge
 I've removed all of the background from it,
so if you use programs like Photoshop or Gimp,
you can layer it over other images, like this.

The next two images both came from a 1913
"The Modern Priscilla" magazine.  The backgrounds 
have not been removed from these images.

This one is is also Hall-Borchert adjustable form.
The image on the left is in black and white and
the one on the right is the original color tone, if you want the aged paper look.
This dress form was a Venus adjustable dress form
sold by the Acme Sales Co.

To see all the past images I've posted, click on the tab
under my blog header called, "Antique Graphics to Print".

Let me know if you use any graphics I've posted in projects
so I can brag on your amazing skills!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Sewing Border

I love this wonderful border showing a variety
of sewing notions.  This image came from a
1913 magazine called, "The Modern Priscilla"
that was sent to me by Audrey @ Timeless Treasures.
Thank you, Audrey!
This graphic was used as the header of a column in the magazine
called, "The Home Dressmaker", which provided patterns and instructions
for a variety of garments.  

I think it would be perfect for stationary or business cards.
To see all the past images I've posted, click on the tab
under my blog header called, "Antique Graphics to Print".

Let me know if you use any graphics I've posted in projects
so I can share your project with everyone!


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #53

Welcome back to the 53rd
This is the place to share anything 
old, treasured, passed-down or tattered.
Share anything vintage (or newly created to look that way!)

I would SO appreciate it if you'd take a moment to
add the party button to your blog and help spread the word.
(the button will appear smaller on your blog)
The giveaway for a set of 5 storage containers from Packaways
ends at midnight tonight, so if you haven't entered yet, you can do so HERE.
The entries are still pretty low, and there will be
3 Winners,  so you could be the winner!!!
Pack Away Reusable Plastic Storage Boxes

I also have another wonderful giveaway from Treasured Word
for 2 Scripture Packs.  I LOVE mine!  Go HERE to enter.

Now, let's look at a few special features from last week's party.

Janet @ The Decorating Diaries
is resisting the change of seasons with this dresser
she repainted with a pretty spring green.
I think it will look fabulous dressed out for autumn as well though.

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch
has been sewing up a storm and has created THE
most gorgeous pillows and furniture slipcovers
with grain sacks.  Well done, Anita!
Deanna @ It's Just Me has scored
many fabulous finds for her home recently,
including this big beauty of a scale.
Feel free to grab this button if I featured you today!
Knick of Time Interiors

You'll also be pinned on the
Please, do the following before linking up:
1.  Are you following Knick of Time ?
If not, I hope you'll do so now - thanks!
2. Please only link up your vintage-style treasures.
No food, giveaways, link parties or sales links or posts that aren't vintage-style.
Those links will be deleted.
3. Post a link back within your post, so others can join the party.
Only those who link back will be featured.

Looking forward to seeing your vintage style!

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