Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sheer Genius {or utter stupidity}

I hate to interrupt my regularly scheduled link party,
but I felt the need to chronicle my moment of brilliance.

Actually, I don't even know yet if I was a success,
but I'm an optimist, so we'll pretend, okay?

What am I talking about?
(get comfy...that's isn't a short story)

Well, months ago, when we first moved to this house,
I was driving the back roads near our home - sightseeing.

I came across an abandoned farmhouse.
The yard was a mess of tall grass and weeds,
windows were broke and the porch was in shambles.
But what I saw on the porch left me speechless.

No, it wasn't the mouse that jumped off an old
dresser sitting on the porch,
(yes...I sort of trespassed to take this photo)
 It was the porch posts.
They were a chippy, old, glorious vision.
I wanted those posts and I wanted them BAD.
But...it's an abandoned farmhouse and there aren't any nearby 
neighbors I could ask to find out who owns it.

And that old cheesecloth blowing in the breeze...it's beautiful.
Well, it was beautiful in a "I wouldn't want it hanging from my porch, 
but gosh-darn it looks pretty hanging there" kind of way.

There's a project (yes...in my kitchen) that I needed a chippy old post for 
(yes...you'll have to wait awhile to see it).
I *needed* posts like that. 

I checked several antique stores, with no luck
and I need them NOW, so I can't keep waiting to see if I'll come across any 
(darn...tonight was auction night and I didn't go...
what if a chippy, antique porch post was there for me?!!*#@)

I digress....sorry.
I'd much rather have an authentic, old, chippy post,
but sometimes you gotta fake it.

Hubby and I went to Lowes and I found the closest
posts in shape and size to what I want.
I stained them so it would look dark underneath the 
incredible, DIY, chippy wood project I was about to complete.
Then I did a super sloppy paint job on them, 
then threw sand on them....and dripped candle wax on them.
Then I spray painted them to make the sand stick better.
Then I painted another sloppy coat.
Then it occurred to me that I should have experimented
on just ONE post, in case this didn't work, so I'd only
be wasting $16 and not $32, but I'm an optimist...remember?

I hate to leave you hanging, but they are drying right now,
so the jury is still out.
When my husband gets home, he's either going
to be singing my praises that he married the smartest gal in the world...
or asking me if I've been sniffing paint again.

I'll let you know which later.

Before any of you comment that you've used the 
drippy wax and sand method, just remember...
this is MY story - be a genius in your own blog post! ;0}

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My Copycat...{purr}

When Debbie @ Debbiedoo's issued a copycat call
for her Copycat Link Party,
this seemed like a good time to show you a copycat project I did last year.
This was only the 4th post I wrote for my blog, so I may have only had
2 followers at the time who may have seen it, so this seems like a good time
to show it to you again.
I picked this dresser and the matching bed up at an auction for $1...
yes ONE DOLLAR for BOTH.  They had the ugliest paint job in the world
and there were NO bidders.  When I realized no one bid, I offered a dollar
after the bidding ended and I came home with them.
See...really bad.
They sat in my shed for awhile when I noticed that my dresser was
quite similar in style to Miss Mustard Seed's dresser.
I was on a "plaster sheet music all over everything" kick at the time,
so I thought I'd just keep plastering and copy her dresser.
Not only did I copy her dresser, I decided to style it similar
to the way she had it styled in her photo.
If you want to see my original post and some more of the
details of the finished dresser, it is HERE
feel free to leave me a comment...that poor post is hurting for comments! :0)
Well...how do you think I did?
{if you're wondering why I have a scrap of fabric hanging out
of the bottom drawer, it's because I couldn't find one of the
drawer handles when it was time to put them back on!
I found it later and reattached it!}
Unfortunately, I don't have a space in my house for this dresser
right now, so it's sitting in my office, being used to hold, what else...?
SHEET MUSIC!  I have a huge stash of sheet music and 
antique book pages, so I keep them in the drawers. 
Someday, I hope to use this in the house, but that's a few
remodeling projects away from now!

Be sure and visit Debbiedoo's and see all the great copycats out there!
DebbieCopycatButton Copy cat challenge with a twist in the making!

Knick of Time Tuesday #45

If you tried to link up earlier and found the linky closed,
it's fixed now, so try again - sorry about that!

Welcome back to the 45th
Check out these features from last week's party.

Christie @ Three Pixie Lane
shares her search for just the right lanterns to hang
in their beautiful dining area.  She found a pair
that reminded her of the gas lanterns hanging in the historic district
of their old homeplace in Charleston, SC.
I love the combination of vintage style with modern elegance
in her kitchen and dining room.
Pam @ House of Hawthornes
shared her wonderful collection of vintage cameras.
Be sure to go check them all out - I love the baby Brownie the best!
shared her first attempt at reupholstering a worn out vintage chair.
She did a beautiful job!  Be sure to visit her to see the before and after
and get a closer look at the composer-theme script fabric she used.
This feature made me do a double-take!
shared this industrial stool that needed
her reviving touch to make it look fabulous.
I did a double-take because I have nearly the identical stool.
Mine had some damage to the backrest, so I added some
antique papers to mine to "fix" the problem.
shared these wonderful "vintage" cans
she created with some labels she printed out and the cute
metal handles she added to the cans.  LOVE them!
She also made the wonderful hook rack to hang them all on.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Online Yard Sale

I'm doing further cleaning in the workshop
and have these items price at "gotta go" prices.
None of these items are listed in my Etsy shop,
but if you are interested in something from the shop,
use the code "ENDOFJULY" for 25% off your order!
(Let me know if you want to order from both the shop and
from items listed here so I can figure all the shipping together)

The prices below do not include shipping.
Send me a message with the items you are interested in
and your zip code and I'll figure the shipping for you.  
Paypal only - no cash, checks or money orders.
All of these items are vintage and show typical vintage wear.
$7 - Black Metal Document Box
Measures 9-1/4" long x 6-1/4" deep x 3-13/4” tall.
No key to lock closed, so don't carry by handle or it will open.

$10 - Large Metal Handled Box
Measures 15-1/4" wide x 11-1/2" deep x 7" tall.  No key.
Great storage and display box!

$6 - Set of 5 Old Soda Bottles
2 are Pepsi bottles
1 is Flynn's
2 are unmarked

$6 - Black Metal Tool or Craft Box
Measures 12-1/4” long x 5-1/4” wide x 3-1/4" tall.

$3 - German Scene Cracker Box
It measures 14-1/2" long x 9-3/4" wide x 5" tall.
Has a hinged lid that opens and closes well.
Has rust and patina.

$4 - 1953 Great Composers and Their Music - 2 Volume Set

The lives and music of the 78 composers who have contributed most to listening pleasure.
Analytical notes, the anatomy of the symphony orchestra, a glossart of basic musical terms, dictionary of musical forms and 100 basic words for the record library, index and bibliography

$3 - 1907 Book - The Second Generation
Binding is fairly tight.  Lovely cover and aged pages.

$3 - Deep Blue and Green Bottles

They measures 14" and 12-1/4" tall.

$2 - 1945 Atlanta, GA Sheet Music

$2 - 1930 Old New England Moon Sheet Music

$3 - Rusty Old Tractor Implement

$10 - Fabulous Rusty Handled Box with Lock (no key)
It measures 12-1/2" wide x 6-1/4" tall x 9-1/2" deep.  
It's got lots of rust and crust and is super sturdy (weighs 11 lbs.)

$7 - Wooden Shoe Shine Tote
Measures about 13" tall x 12-1/4" long x 8" wide.

$4 - Vintage Paint Can with Lid
No sign of paint - wonderful patina!

$8 - Carving Knife and Fork in hand-carved Wooden Case
The word "India" is stamped into the blade of each piece.

$4 - Aluminum Cake Cover with Glass Base
It measures 5" tall (not including handle) and 11-3/8" in diameter (bottom of base).

$3 - Antique "In His Steps" book
This is a very old, undated  version, which I believe is from the 1930's.  
In nice condition, showing  authentic vintage aging with some wear on the covers.  
The pages have aged to a lovely carmel color and are becoming brittle. 

$2 - Antique Military Button Polishing Tin
Rust and Patina - filled with old fish hooks.

$9 - Set of 3 Metal Kitchen Canisters
Pale beige with small floral motif on canister/colonial red lid/sturdy wood knobs
Tallest measures 8" tall - 6-3/4" diameter
Medium measures about 6-1/2" tall - 6" diameter
Smallest measures about 5" tall - 4-1/4" diameter

That's all for now - there may be more later!

Writing My Name On It

It's been quite a while since I've shared a
"Writing My Name on It" blog post.
Like Andy writing his name on the bottom of Woody's boot
in Toy Story, here are the things I'm claiming as
keepers that you won't find in the Knick of Time shop.

My favorite recent find is this antique telephone.
I've been wanting one for awhile, but have never felt comfortable spending $20 - $30
 on one, but I scored this one for $10 last week.
 This Falcon Miniature camera only set me back $2.50.
I found it at an antique store marked 75% off the $10 price tag.
These were made in the late 30's by the Utility Mfg. Co.
and sold for around $1.80 - $3.50. 
I'm not a huge camera collector, but if I come across a bargain, I snatch them up.  
Here it is displayed with a few others I've gotten at reasonable prices.

Have you "written your name" on anything recently?

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sonday - Standing on the Promises

Standing on the Promises is one of many songs
I remember singing in church as a child.  Back then,
it was a favorite because it had an upbeat rhythm,
and I especially loved when the women and men each
sang the different parts of the chorus.
But as an adult, I really appreciate the truths found in the lyrics.
From verse 2 - "Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
when the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
by the living Word of God I shall prevail,
Standing on the promises of God.

This song reminds us that regardless of how we feel,
what is happening in our life or the world around us,
we can stand on the promises God has given us in his Word.

We can't see the "big picture".
We can't see the beginning and the end of everything.
Our view is limited by our perspective.
Only God has the whole view, has the correct perspective
and does know the beginning and the end of everything.

Let us hold fast to the profession of our hope without wavering,
for He who promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23 (NKJV)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farmhouse Sink

I know that apron front, farmhouse style kitchen sinks are all the rage,
but there are 2 reasons we didn't get one for our kitchen remodel.
1)  I'm cheap...those aren't.
2)  I already have a farmhouse sink.
In fact, I have 2 of them.
Both of my sinks are porcelain over cast iron sinks.
One came out of our old farmhouse in Missouri
and is a single sink with one side drainboard.
It's sitting in our barn right now.
The other came with our new (old) farmhouse in Illinois.
Technically, it wasn't IN the house when we moved in (that sink was MUCH uglier),
it came out of the outbuilding where the former owners 
dressed the deer they hunted.  It's a double sink with a double drain board,
 and it has a little spot for a bar of soap between the two sinks.
It looked pretty nasty when we bought the house and was mounted
on an iron stand (which I liked, but my husband didn't) so he was pretty
skeptical when I said I wanted to use the sink in the remodel, but in
23 years of marriage, he's learned the quickest way to shut me
up is to let me have my way.   He'd rather spend 10 hours working
on one of my projects, than 10 minutes listening to me blabber on and on
about why I want it.  Sometimes it pays to be a blabbermouth.
In my defense - I didn't insist on the iron stand for it.
Actually, there is a 3rd reason I won't buy one of those sinks.

Although mine has chips and some stains that will never come off -
it has character and it's a true, old farmhouse sink, and I like that.

I'm not opposed to new things made to look old, but given a choice...
I'll take authentically old with a few issues, over "faux old" any day.
I'm dying to show you the whole kitchen.
If only I could convince my husband to pull a few all-nighters 
to get the remainder of the work finished, but he seems 
to think he needs sleep before he goes to work in the morning.  
He must be getting old.  
It's a good thing I prefer authentically old.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Making a Spectacle!

Yesterday I showed you the wall displays I made for some tarnished silver spoons and ironstone.  Would you like to see another display I finished that will be hanging in my kitchen?
It's a real vision, if I do say so myself!

I love old spectacles, and I've had several pairs
setting here and there around my house, but
I found that they kept getting pushed aside and weren't
really a visible piece of decor, so I wanted to find
a better way to display them.  I decided a wall 
display would make them as "visible" as old spectacles should be.
I attached them to a chippy old board that my husband pulled off the outside of my workshop.

I liked it, but really wanted some antique advertising to go with it,
so I added this advertisement I found in the back of an early 1900's yearbook.
I showed it to you last Wednesday and you can see and print the original image HERE.
Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via http://knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com/
This is the oldest pair.  The wire is so thin, I can't imagine how in the world they kept them around their ears..
They look very similar to the pair worn by this woman in one of my favorite antique photographs.

Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via http://knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com/
I wonder about the person who wore them.
Did they ever have their photo taken while wearing their glasses?
Did that photo survive and where is it now?  I wonder if the spectacles the woman
in my photo are still around and who has them.
It's fun to wonder.  
Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via http://knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com/

Antique Eyeglasses Spectacles-chippy wood-wall display-via http://knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com/
I know I'm not supposed to make a spectacle of myself,
but I figured it would be okay to make a spectacle display for myself.