Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - 1888 Advertisements

Today's antique graphics come from an 1888 Harper's Magazine.
I love this image for Crown Collars.
Antique Advertisement Royalty Free Stock Image Shirt Color, Crown, Clothes Wringer, and Silverware via Knick of Time
It came from this larger advertisement.
I love the typography on these old ads.
Antique Advertisement Royalty Free Stock Image Shirt Color, Crown, Clothes Wringer, and Silverware via Knick of Time
I think the little emblem at the top would look
great on some kind of project.
Antique Advertisement Royalty Free Stock Image Shirt Color, Crown, Clothes Wringer, and Silverware via Knick of Time
I also love this ad for a laundry ringer, but would love
to have the real thing.  I've come across a few, but none
of them were affordable, but I hope to get one someday.
Antique Advertisement Royalty Free Stock Image Shirt Color, Crown, Clothes Wringer, and Silverware via Knick of Time
And here's an ad for silverware that was supposedly so lovely,
it was likely poetry!
Antique Advertisement Royalty Free Stock Image Shirt Color, Crown, Clothes Wringer, and Silverware via Knick of Time
I'm off for another day of Day Camp at our church.
I'm having a lot of fun with the kids and one of the
bonuses of teaching kids is that I always learn a lot too.
It's been a great week so far and I hope the kids are learning a lot
that will bless them in the years to come.  I'd love
any prayers you all want to send up for these kids we're
reaching this week.

Remember, if you've missed any of the past graphics I post
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page labeled, "Antique Graphics to Print".


Antique Graphics Wednesday - 1888 Advertisements

Today I'm bringing you some more ads from an 1888 Harper's Magazine.
Isn't this add for men's collars wonderful?
 I love this little emblem on it.
 Here's the full advertisement.  I love the fancy typography.
I love this add for a laundry wringer, but I'd really love
to own one of these wringers.  I've found a few, but they
weren't affordable, but I hope to get one for our 
laundry room remodel someday.
 I thought this ad for silverware was cute...a little dramatic, but cute!
This silverware was like a poem...or so they said.
Well, I'm off for day 3 of Day Camp at our church.
It's been going really well and I'm having fun with all the kids.  
The funny thing about teaching kids 
If you've missed any of the past graphics I post each week,
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #40 {Vintage Style Link Party}

Hey there, vintage-lovers!  So glad you stopped
in to get your weekly dose of vintage inspiration.
I really enjoyed hearing so many responses last week
to my, "Where's Your Wedding Dress?" question.
I don't feel so badly about my wedding dress,
hearing at least a few of you aren't one of "those" people either!
As I shared a few week's ago, I've been using pieces off
a super chippy, antique door from our old Missouri house to 
create new pieces.  This is my favorite pieces I made.
A customer who purchased several other pieces from the door
is buying this one as well.  I wish I had more chippy doors to work
with, because I've gotten several requests for more like this one.
 RESERVED for Kimber - Antique Cottage Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Salvaged Wood Door - 3 Antique Metal Hooks - LARGE 39-1/2 x 10-5/8
When I say this door was "chippy"...I'm not exaggerating!
RESERVED for Kimber - Antique Cottage Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Salvaged Wood Door - 3 Antique Metal Hooks - LARGE 39-1/2 x 10-5/8
Here's a few other pieces I made from the door:
I used old coat hooks on all these and added doorknob escutcheons to a few of them.
Antique Door Salvage Wall Hook with Doorknob Keyhole Faceplate RESERVED for Kimber - Antique Cottage Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Salvaged Wood Door - 3 Antique Metal Hooks - LARGE 39-1/2 x 10-5/8  Antique Door Salvage Wall Hook with Doorknob Faceplate
Speaking of chippy, old wood - isn't this old window a beauty!
It sold in a snap as soon as I listed it.  I had to force myself to list it,
but I already have several antique windows and didn't have a place for another one.
Antique Farmhouse Window with Latch - 4 Pane - Chippy White Beauty
Now, let's take a look at some of the vintage beauties you all shared last week!

Lauren @ West Furniture Revival scored this absolutely amazing
card catalog at a thrift store.  She worked her magic on it to revive
it's appearance and it is a real sight to behold now.  
She's even made the No. graphics into a printable for the rest of us to use!

Christy @ The Pickin' Pair also got a vintage card
catalog that her parents found for her at a great price.
I must admit - I'm envious!!!

Brittany @ Buttons, Birds & BS shared a zip code pillow!
Great idea!!!  This would look great on many kinds
of fabrics and all kinds of font styles.

Heidi @ Lightly Crunchy turned this lovely vintage tea cup and
saucer into a lavender beeswax candle.
Isn't it beautiful?!! I'm sure it smells amazing too.
These would make wonderful gifts and she provides the instructions to make them.

I brought home a few great treasures this week that are available at
Knick of Time on Etsy.
My favorite is this really big, really old, wooden farrier's tote.
I seriously love this, so if it doesn't sell, I won't be the least bit disappointed!
If it hasn't sold by the time our kitchen remodel is done,
it's coming, "off the market", because I think I could put it to good use in my kitchen.
Antique Wooden Tote - Tool Trug - Extra Large - Double Tote - Wedding Centerpiece Display
I also brought home this strawberry tote & an old "Wonder Horse" toy.
I think this would be so adorable in a western style child's room.
Vintage Wooden Strawberry Tote with Berry Baskets - Strawberry Tote Basket  Vintage Toy Horse - Wonderful Western Decor - Saddle Up\
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bragging Rights

I didn't create this project, but I'm going to claim
some bragging rights on it anyway.

A few weeks ago, I posted some No. images taken
from a clothing pattern from the 1800's and shared it
for Antique Graphics Wednesday.  {Found HERE.}

bought some dollar store photo albums and remade them using 
my graphics that she added to some burlap and Osnaburg fabric.
They turned out so pretty and I love the blanket stitch edge she added to the sides.
She gives a tutorial on how she did it,
so be sure to hop over and take a look.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Stacey!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Bud Vase Garland

A few weeks ago, I showed you a bud vase garland
I created out of vintage apothecary bottles,
and I made another one yesterday.
I found a few blue bottles last week,
and like how they look paired with the clear glass ones.
I love making these - they are so simple,
but they look so charming filled with some dried flower sprigs.

Our church is having day camp this week
(which is like VBS, only it's all day),
so it'll be a busy, but fun week.
It's my youngest son's last year to participate,
so it seems a little bittersweet that I won't have
any more kids attending day camp, other than as helpers,
as my older 3 kids do.  Wish me luck! 
I'm teaching a new class I haven't taught before
and hope it all goes smoothly and the kids learn
something new or learn something old in a new way!

Hope you are having a lovely Sonday!

God Bless,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Where's Your Wedding Dress?

As you know, the month of June has more weddings than any other month.
The weather is usually gorgeous, but not blistering hot,
everything is in full bloom, and young brides-to-be
have been planning their weddings for months,
dreaming of their perfect June wedding.
And of course, what was the biggest decision they make?
Their dress...of course.

Hours upon hours are spent pouring through magazines
and visiting bridal shops.  Or perhaps they made their
own dress or will have someone make it for them.  Each bride feels a
little like a queen walking down the isle in the dress of her dreams.

What becomes of that dress, after her special day is over?
What's become of yours since you were that queen on your special day?

You know, I'm not sure I
want to hear the answer to this question.
There's just a little too much guilt involved in the answer for me,
but also some redemption at the end of this story.

Are you one of {those} people,
who sent it to the dry cleaner
the day after your wedding,
and it is neatly boxed up...
preserved for the next generation?

Okay, the truth be told,
I wish I was one of {those} people, but I'm not.

So, where you might ask, is MY wedding dress?
The dress my mother lovingly made for me?
The one she slaved over for hours and hours,
and had to keep adjusting because my
shoulders are sloped different, so one side kept slipping?
(A fact I didn't know until then).

Where is that dress?

Why, the landfill, of course.

Isn't that where the wedding dresses of all stupid women reside?

There...I've admitted it.
I kept my dress for quite a few years, (at least 10),
but I never got around to getting it cleaned and boxed up,
like {those} kind of people do.

I *did* intend to do it, but it just never happened.
The dress sat in a plastic bag all that time,
waiting for me to do the sensible thing, like {those} people do.
But after so many years had passed, and it had been
in that trash bag, in an outdoor shed (further guilt),
I figured that mold & mice had probably damaged it
beyond I pitched it.

Yes, I confessed my deed to my mother and she still
speaks to me and loves me.

All these years, the thought of my wedding dress
and my sheer act of stupidity have haunted me.

But, a little of the guilt has been lifted off my crooked shoulders.
You see,  I decided to call my mom, and mentioned a few I'd love to have.
Things that don't cost any money, but are meaningful to me.

I asked for HER wedding dress,
as well as some old watches from her
jewelry box that I loved looking at when I was a child.

She agreed and sent me her dress.
Antique Wedding Dress via Knick of Time
My mother made her dress also.
Antique Wedding Dress via Knick of Time
Look at that pretty little waistline.
Antique Wedding Dress via Knick of Time
My mom said that these watches were gifts from her father.
One of them has teeny, tiny little diamonds on it.
None of them work any longer and
I've got some ideas of what I'd like to do with them.
Guess what?  My mother told me that
she was thinking she would throw HER wedding dress in the landfill
because it was just taking up space in her closet and she didn't think anyone
would ever want it anyway, as it is now too fragile to wear.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it, Mom?
Antique Wedding Dress via Knick of Time
So, though my poor wedding dress is buried in a landfill in New Mexico,
I have saved my mother's wedding dress from the same fate.

Does that make me one of {those} people now?
Please...say it does.

So...where is YOUR wedding dress?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Button Banner

Normally on Thursday, I like to share "Get the Look" projects
 with you, but I didn't get around to doing the project
I had planned, so I'm going to show you something
I did make this week.

A few nights ago, in the wee hours of the morning, when all normal people 
are sleeping, the button bug bit me again.
Actually, this time it was a button and banner bug.
It's been months since I made a banner, 
but I helped my mom make one while I was visiting her,
so I was in the mood to start making some new ones.
I was trying to decide whether to string the banner
on cotton shipping twine or seam binding, when
I remembered the button garland I made last winter and
knew the old buttons would look lovely with the antique Bible pages
I used for the banner pages.
Last winter I was on a button kick.  
I bought 4 bags full of vintage buttons and was
slightly obsessed with finding projects to use them on
and ways to display them, other than the usual jar full of buttons.

I filled little tins with them,
I put them in bird's nests,
and I filled bowls and made candlelight displays.
I've listed this button banner at Knick of Time on Etsy, so send me
a message if you'd like one created with a special word or different pages
for  banner.  I'll keep making them until a new obsession kicks in!

Here's a few of my past banners, if you missed the posts about them.
Vintage Map Banner - EXPLORE - Travel Theme - OOAK

RESERVED for overthebarndoor - 2 Custom Banners on Antique Bible Pages - HARVEST & BLESSINGS

Vintage AUTHORS Banner - Shakespeare, Poe, Emerson, Dickens & More - Literature and Authors Repurposed Game

RESERVED for overthebarndoor - 2 Custom Banners on Antique Bible Pages - HARVEST & BLESSINGS
I've tried several methods for creating banners and my preferred
method is using a stencil with a stamp pad.  I've used spray paint with
stencils, but it can be difficult from keeping the overspray off the rest
of the page and I've tried printing on my printer, but I use old book
pages with are usually thin and fragile and they just don't work
well in printers, so I'm sticking with using ink pads for now.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - 1800's Hydrangea Illustration

For all you hydrangea-lovers, I thought you'd
enjoy this illustration of a China Hydrangea I found
in one of my mid-1800's Peterson's magazines.
Don't forget that you can see all of the past graphics and illustrations
I've posted in past weeks on the tab at the top of my page labeled,
Antique Graphics to Print.


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Antique Graphics Wednesday - Three 1800's Alphabet Fonts

I love letters and numbers and all the many styles of type, so today I'm sharing with you
3 sets of alphabet fonts that came from some of my Peterson's magazines from the mid 1800's and were included in the magazine for marking on fabric to stitch.

I hope you'll enjoy them too!
If you use them on any projects, I'd love it if you would share a photo with me!
Alphabet Clip Art Antique Graphic
Alphabet Clip Art Antique Graphic

Alphabet Clip Art Antique Graphic

Alphabet Clip Art Antique Graphic