Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Get the Look} - Relique Bicycle Seat on Stand

The inspiration for today's "Get the Look" project came from, who sells a set of 5 Bicycle Seats on Stands for $659...OUCH!
Their price tag gives me heart palpitations, but
I can spend a ridiculous amount of time on their website.
They carry some seriously interesting stuff.
While 5 of them do look interesting grouped together,
I don't have 5, but I did already have this 1 rusty, old bicycle seat.
Old Rusty Bicycle Seat
Looking through my stash of junque (it doesn't sound like
trash if you don't spell it "junk", does it?),
I had this cast iron wheel from an antique lawn mower.
It's a little larger than the base Relique used, but I'm okay with that.
(I sell these in my shop, so I have 3 of them.)
Antique Cast Iron Wheel - Urban Industrial - 3 Available
I scrounged around a little more to find a part to 
use for the stand and came up with this piece.
 So here's my version...
I'm happy with my version and may try to 
create more of these in the future if I get more old bike seats.
Start scrounging through your "junque" and
I'll bet you'll be amazed at what all you can create with it!

God Bless,

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - No. 1, 2 & 3 and 1800's Mantelet and Fashions

I've got some really wonderful images for you today.
They all come from some mid-1800's Peterson's magazines (again!).
All of the No. images are actually the numbered parts of a pattern,
but I thought the typography was so pretty and could
be used on so many projects.

Here's the pattern they came from.  It's a pattern
for a "mantelet", which is a short cape.
Are there any seamstresses out there who
feel inspired to attempt this pattern?  If so, I'd LOVE to see it!
It looks like it would be beautiful.

 Here is the actual pattern with instructions.
I've done a fair amount of sewing over the years,
but it would take someone with more experience than
I have to understand what these instructions are saying.
Things were just worded differently 150 years ago.
This image was from the 2-page spread that featured
French fashions in every issue.  It was always the
only page in the magazine that had any color added to it.
The center of the page was damaged where it was 
bound together, so I omitted the background and
this is just one of the two pages.
If you create something using any of these old images,
I'd love to see a photo of it!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's in the Bag

If I went to every yard sale, thrift store and auction 
the rest of week and all of them were duds,
I'd still be content because I came home with this
from the auction tonight.
I love the handles and the buckle on it.
 The funny thing is, I didn't even win this at the auction.
I won 5 boxes full of JUNK (and it truly was junk),
and I only wanted a few things out of 1 of the boxes.
A few people were asking me if they
could buy stuff out of my boxes,
so I was busy talking and missed the bid on
the antique doctor's bag.  I was so mad at myself
that I missed the coolest thing there, because I was selling nickle and dime 
stuff to other people.  I decided to ask the guy 
who won it if he'd be willing to sell it to me and couldn't believe he agreed to.
It's getting listed in my shop, but if it 
doesn't sell, it won't bother me at all.
I have absolutely no idea where I'd put it,
but eventually I'd come up with some place!

I also got this sweet little pair of scissors.
I didn't bid on them either.
They were inside a tool box full of tools
and I didn't like the tool box and all the tools were new
(I prefer old, rusty tools), so I didn't bid on it.
I asked that man who won if he'd part with the scissors
and he agreed also - It was my lucky night!
I actually bought more from other people than
I bought from the auction house.

How have the pickins' been for you lately?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #36 {Vintage Style Link Party}

Welcome back to the 36th Knick of Time Tuesday - 
the party to celebrate Old Stuff (or stuff that looks old!).
I've got a bunch of features this week, because I couldn't just
stop and 3 or 4 - there were so many I enjoyed.
I want to give a SPECIAL WELCOME to the new party-goers who visited
last week - there have been quite a few recently.  
I love meeting new people and "visiting" their homes and seeing 
their creativity.  Here's one new friend I'd like to spotlight.

Susan @ Must Love Junk is a new brand new blogger
with beautiful style and I love her junk!
Her home was featured in a Home and Garden Tour
that I would loved to have attended.
Please drop in and give a great big, "Welcome to Blogland" greeting to her!
Let's see if we can help her reach 50 followers!

I love everything about her style and look forward to
seeing more in the future.  She has some great "junk", wouldn't you say?

Jann @ Have a Daily Cup from Mrs. Olson 
was inspired by a photo in an old magazine
to give her wonderful old chicken feeder a new look...
She did an incredible job!
Erin @ Carolina Country Living
shared a great tutorial for turning an embroidery
hoop and doily into a wall clock - love it!
Now I know what I can do with one of my grandmother's doilies!

Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage shared her
amazing collection of antique trophies.
She definitely gets the prize for such a gorgeous collection!
vintage trophy collection
Betsy @ My Salvaged Treasures
is the queen of using salvaged bits and pieces
and turning them into a thing of beauty.

Ceekay @ Doublewide Decor shared her
remodeled kitchen that turned out beautifully!
I love how she included lots of antique things in the
midst of her new counters, cabinets and appliances.

I'm just a wee bit envious of this beautiful antique toy sewing machine
that Maureen @ Victorian Studio purchased with money she
received for Mother's Day.  She got an amazing antique map of her city as well.

Check our this stunning Doily Covered Lampshade
shared by Alecia @ Chicken Scratch
She provides a great tutorial for creating it too!

Rene' @ Miss Gracie's House
gave us a glimpse of some adorable country kids,
rural beauty, and beautifully aged old machines.
You must go see it all!  Her photography is stunning

Samm @ Little House in the Big D
shared her pair of beautiful old windows
that finished the look for her sweet kitchen.  I
love how she made use of the section with the missing pane
to display a Thank You card from her wedding.

And last, but not least,
Geneva @ My Heart's Song shared this beautiful
bottle she added an antique graphic to.  It's so simple and lovely now.
Feel free to grab this button if I featured you today! 
Knick of Time Interiors
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No food, giveaways, link parties or sales links or items that aren't vintage-style.
Those links will be deleted.
3. Post a link back within your post, 
so others can join the party.
Only those who link back will be featured.
Prepare to be Inspired!
Okay...Let's see your Vintage Style!

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to those who are serving, or have served
in our Armed Forces to preserve and protect the
liberty we all so freely enjoy.
God bless each and every one of you!
Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Worth the Effort

Do you ever wonder if all the time and effort you  
put into something is worth it?  I've asked myself that
on more than a few occasions.  

I spend a good deal of time each week scanning
antique graphics to share with you all.
Some of them have damage to their pages,
so I spend quite a bit more time editing them to restore them
to the appearance they would have had originally.
My hope is that someone else will enjoy them
and find them usable for some kind of project.

But, I really never know if I'm investing all 
that time and it's really just a waste of time.
But days like today make the effort worth it.

posted on her blog about a project she created using
one of the silhouette graphics I posted a few weeks ago
from a 1935 children's songbook, as well as an image
from The Graphics Fairy.

She turned a magazine rack that had pretty curves,
but a drab appearance, into a beautifully revived home furnishing.
This is the original image I posted HERE.
And here's how Sumaya used that image.
It's such a blessing to me to see it used in such a beautiful way.
Thank you, Sumaya.  I'm so glad to know it was worth the effort.
She posted several more projects she's been
working on, so be sure to drop in to say "hello" and see them.


Mom, you said that already

My kids frequently let me know that I repeat
things I've already said.  I'm sure that's true,
but I also know they only listen half the 
time, so what can I do but repeat everything?

I'm telling you this to warn you that
there is a good possibility I'm repeating
myself to you today...but I'm not pretend
you're hearing it for the first time and humor me, okay?

I am certain I've told you all about the 
wood and windows that came from a demolished
courthouse that I bought at an auction last year.
I also know I told you we used 1 of the 18 windows
as part of the new wall between our kitchen and living room.

I know for a fact I told you about using the
pallet of wood from the courthouse to remodel our
bathroom walls, because the picture of it is on my sidebar.

What I don't know is if I've showed you some
of the projects I've used the leftover wood on.
I'm pretty sure I haven't shown you the
most recent project, so I'll show you that first.

I made this little clipboard-hook-wall shelf
from the unpainted, back side of one piece of wood.
I attached on old spring clip on top, put an
antique ledger page and receipt in the middle
and attached an old door mechanism for the little shelf,
then added an antique date nail at the bottom.
It works well to hang in an entryway, where
a key ring can hang on the nail, a notepad can
go on the clip and a clock or photo can go on the shelf.

I've used the painted sides of some pieces on these two wall hooks.
RESERVED FOR fleasantiques - Antique Salvage Coat Rack
The handle on this one came off of one of the windows.
Antique Salvage Coat Rack
Well, I hope I haven't been repeating myself again.
I'm off for a crazy long day of helping one of my sons
set up for a farmer's market and attending a graduation.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Chipping Away

There's nothing quite like wood that has aged naturally,
and if it's old wood with chipping paint, so much the better.
There are about a million and one things to do with old wood,
so here's some of my contributions to that number.
You may not recognize the wood from this
Cottage Coat Rack I made, but if you've been around
my blog long or are familiar with my Etsy shop,
then you've seen it tons of times.
For nearly 2 years, I've used this old door as a backdrop
for most of my shop listings, but often it just
wasn't quite wide enough to photograph larger items.
I decided to paint the wall inside my office
to use as a backdrop instead, since its rustic appearance looks great in photos.
You can see my new backdrop wall behind the coat hook.
I started dismantling the door, piece by piece
to turn into new projects.  It's a super old door
and it's super chippy, so it'll be fun to come
up with other new things to do make it.

A few weeks ago, I brought home 4 of these wood pieces.
They also have very chippy paint and are
a quick makeover with a new knob or hook.
This one was purchased by a gal in France!
One of these days I plan to get a large world map,
and mark all the locations that I've shipped things to.
If only I could travel the world like my shop items do.
Here's the other one, which I added an old locker hook to.
Are you chipping away at any new projects?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get the Look - Relique Pendant Light

Today's "Get the Look" project was an easy
one simply because we already created it before
I saw a similar something similar from
Okay, when I say "we", I mean that I told my
husband what I want and he did it.
Here's a retail version of my light.
This one sells for $169 at
I'm SO glad my husband is good at DIY,
so I can get a Relique look on a Walmart budget.
recycled lighting, recycled light. recycled pendant light, pendant light, pendant canopy, recycled mesh lighting, steampunk, steampunk light, steam punk light, steam punk, funnel light, funnel pendant light
I've  been purchasing several old funnels & milk can strainer lids
at auctions for about the last 6 months, knowing
I wanted to turn one into a light for our kitchen,
so I brought them all to my husband to see
what he could do with them.   I actually have this funnel,
which is similar to the one Relique sells, but I preferred
the milk can strainer for my kitchen.  If anyone feels inspired to
create a light, I have this funnel listed HERE for sale.
We haven't hung it yet, because
he's working on another part of the kitchen
that is the hardest part of the room remodel, but
this is the light we'll hang over our table.
He used parts from an old light fixture that once held
a glass shade, attached a new cord, then wrapped the cord in twine.
Because the fixture originally had a glass shade that
covered the light bulbs, he moved the metal screen
from inside the strainer and attached it to the bottom...
so that piece of metal wouldn't stick out.  There are sockets for 2 bulbs.
I also asked him to make another one for
my entryway that I remodeled vintage style,
so this one will go there, but I need
to patch and repaint the ceiling before I hang it.
This one won't be a pendant light,
it will mount flush with the ceiling, because
the ceiling isn't high enough for it to hang.
Have you been inspired by any retailers
to "get the look" they have recently?

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