Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Antique Clock Faces & Hymns

 You may remember that last
month I ordered these incredible
old clock faces from an Etsy
seller in Latvia.
I love having some with foreign
names on them.
It occurred to me that some of 
you may want to use these
faces in projects of your own,
so here are some of the faces
that came from small clocks.

They look wonderful grouping
together in a vintage vignette.

Just right-click, save and print
when you are ready to use them.

This one is plastic and has plenty of age.
I love this cardboard one.
This one is metal and appears to be losing time.
Another plastic one with a lot of age on it.
This plastic one
includes military time around the outer edge.
Time is starting to slip away from it too.
Here's the same clock, but I altered the color tone.
And once again with a much lighter color tone.
I'll close with a few time-related hymn pages
from some very early 1900's hymnals.

The title of this hymn is,
"The Flight of Time".
The typography is
so pretty - it would be
nice to use in a clock-related project.
The paper this hymn is on
has such a pretty, aged color.

Here's just the title for you.

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