Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Porcelain Rose GIVEAWAY

If you look up 
"LOVELY" in the dictionary,
I'm fairly certain you'll find
as the definition.

Liz @ The Porcelain Rose
wrote the book on lovely,
with her handmade gift tags
and one blessed 
Knick of Time follower
is going to win their choice
of  a Gift Tag Bundle of 3 sets
of her hand-crafted designs.

I warn you - the choice won't be easy!
Here's just a glimpse of her designs
Shabby Vintage French Gift Tags No 27a - Chocolat Poulain - Roses - Cherubs - Embossed - Glitter - Buy Three Get One Free

Bird on Branch Gift Tags - French Flea Market - Paris Chic - Shabby - Vintage - Embossed - Glitter - Buy Three Get One Free
Shabby Chic Chandelier Gift Tags - Opelescent - Embossed - Wedding - Shower - All Occasion - Buy Three Get One Free 

Vintage French Wedding Gift Tags - Paris - Victorian - Wedding - Bridal Shower - Favor - One Dozen - Buy Three Get One Free 

Shabby French Floral Wreath Gift Tags No 24 - Paris - Roses - Tea Dyed - Vintage - Wedding - Shower - Embossed - Glitter - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Not only does Liz run a successful shop on Etsy,
but she has a gorgeous blog, also called,
The Porcelain Rose
where she shares more loveliness
from her home and life.

Vintage Ballet Dress  Favorite things....

Elizabeth is gifting one
Knick of Time follower
a Gift Tag Bundle
of their choice of 3 sets of gift tags!

5 Opportunities To Enter & Win!
1)  REQUIRED - Be a follower of Knick of Time and
comment that you are.
2)  REQUIRED - Be a follower of The Porcelain Rose and
comment that you are.
3) REQUIRED - Visit the The Porcelain Rose on Etsy
and comment which 3 tags you would like to receive if you win.
4)  OPTIONAL - Add The Porcelain Rose on Etsy
to your list of favorite shops and comment that you did.
(this will be confirmed)
5)  OPTIONAL -  Post the Giveaway button on the sidebar
of your blog and comment that you did.

This giveaway will end on Feb. 6th
and is only open to US residents,
age 18 or older.

Best of Luck!

Bella Rose Chocolates GIVEAWAY Winner!

1 Pound Creme Hand Dipped Chocolates
I like to mix things up to
determine winners for my giveaways,
so my random number generator
for the Bella Rose Chocolates
giveaway is my oldest son.
(he wasn't thrilled to have his picture taken
because he'd just gotten off work and
needed a shower, but he indulged me)
I told him the number of entries
and asked him to write a number down for me.

He selected #10
(his old high school basketball jersey number)

Linda @ A La CarteJan 24, 2012 08:53 AM
I added Bella Rose Chocolates to my favorites shop...I'm 'Antiqgirl' at Etsy

Congratulations. Linda!
Please email me at jasmasix@msn.com
with your shipping address.

Thanks so much to all who entered,
and a special thanks to

for providing this delicious giveaway!

1/2 Pound Assorted Hand Dipped Chocolates
Don't forget...

Bella Rose Chocolates
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 mouth-watering goody in her shop,
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There's another giveaway starting soon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #19 {Vintage Style Link Party}

Welcome back to

Here's some highlights from last week's party.

By now, you all should know
me well enough to know that
if there is an old clock or watch involved...
you've got my attention,
so this gorgeous bracelet created by
Tammy @ Show Me Crafting
had my undivided attention!

Plus, my mom just send me 3 watches
that were hers when she was younger
so I'm itching to do something beautiful
with them and this gives me lots of inspiration.
Tammy offers a tutorial too!

Lesley @ The Homeless Finch
tortured me with the mantle
she made over...
that is supposed to be in MY house!
Seriously...you won't believe the transformation
the mantle underwent!

and here it is in her bedroom!

What the heck?!!
Was this torture Angie week, or what?
Seriously - am I the only woman
in blogland without a mantle of her own?

Sarah @ Dumped and Discovered
tortured me further with her
transformed mantle that *should* be in my house
(yes, I have mantle envy).

Artsy VaVa 
shared how she turned
some French copper pieces into
unique necklaces - LOVE them!
She also has some other great necklaces
she created from a vintage French map,
so scoot over to her blog to see them!

If you were featured today,
feel free to grab my
"I Was Featured" button on my sidebar!

Now on to this week's party!!!

Won't You Join Us This Week?
1.  Please become a friend & follower of Knick of Time
You must be a follower to be featured! 
2. Please only link up your vintage-style treasures.
No food, giveaways or sales links or items that aren't vintage-style.
Those links will be deleted.
3. Please post a link back so others can join the party.
Only those who link back will be featured.

Prepare to be Inspired!

I appreciate each and every one
of you that stops by each week to share
a little of your world and creativity
with the rest of us.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bella Rose Chocolates GIVEAWAY

If you haven't yet entered
to win the Bella Rose Chocolates
you are going to miss
out of 1 pound of
hand-dipped chocolate bliss!
1 Pound Creme Hand Dipped Chocolates
The entry deadline ends
tomorrow evening
and a winner will be
announced on Jan. 31st,
so you better hustle!

Go HERE to enter.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - Advertisements, Embroidery Design & Anti-Slavery Book

Welcome back to
Antique Graphics Wednesday!
Yes, I know today is not Wednesday, but on Wednesday I had a memorial post about my friend, Leisha Kelly and I really didn't want to detract from that.

So, today I'm featuring more images & advertisements from my stash of 1800's Peterson's Magazines.

If you like any of them and would like to use them for crafts or scrapbooking, just right click to save and print.

This first one is actually some gift tags created by Megan @ Lilac & Lavender, using my Pear's Soap antique advertisement.  It's such as pleasure to see these advertisements being put to such a lovely use!

She has also created more gift tags from other antique images, as well as her own designs,
based on antique advertisements, so be sure to visit her blog to save and print them.

This is such a cute advertisement for a fluting machine that would have been used to produce ruffles and flounces for the trimmings on garments.

This next graphic from the magazine was a design for embroidery.  It always amazes me the amount
of work that was put into making household and personal linens so lovely.
Antique Embroidery Border Pattern Flowers, Lace and Butterfly from Knick of Time
And although not highly graphic,
I really appreciate the historical value
of this advertisement for an
anti-slavery book being sold 
at the time these magazines were published.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Just (In) Time

Isn't it funny how sometimes the "innards"
of an object are every bit as
lovely as the outer appearance?

I LOVE seeing the gears inside
old watches, so I decided
to make a necklace from one part.
I added a few tiny antique buttons
for a little vintage "bling".

I gathered up more of the parts
and added them to my
antique receipt file that I use
as a magnetic clip board.

It's what's inside that counts, too - right?

Shop Knick of Time - 10% Discount Code 10SPECIAL

Thursday, January 26, 2012

She's Packin' Heat

Ever have those days
when you want to warn the world
(or your children)
to keep its distance
because you are in
no mood w.h.a.t.s.o.e.v.e.r?

I'll admit...I have my
fair share of those days.

Now I'm not one
to carry a concealed weapon.
I'd rather warn people
in a really obvious way,
so I've decided to just
display my "piece"
out in the open, to give fair warning to everyone.
Gun Necklace, Brown Revolver Jewelry, Wood and Brass Pistol Pendant
Ahhh...just {sorta} kidding.

Actually, this cool necklace
was featured in a treasury one
of my shop items was also featured in
and I thought it was very unique.

It came all the way from
Serbia to me!

It appears to be really old,
and is made of wood and
a brass bullet casing.
The original leather cord
was too worn to use,
but the seller included
a new sturdier cord.
Gun Necklace, Brown Revolver Jewelry, Wood and Brass Pistol Pendant
I'll just wear it on days,
when I feel the need
for a little attitude.

I'd love to let you think that first photo is my
frontal view...but I don't want to be dishonest.

I'm more endowed south than north,
so I figured I'd just stick
with the seller's photo.

Here's to gals with attitude!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Legacy of Faith...Remembering Leisha

January 25th
One year ago today,
our world lost one of God's saints,
we lost a gifted author of faith,
and we lost a friend.

We lost Leisha Kelly.
Not only did we lose Leisha,
but we lost her son, Justice as well.

On Jan. 25th, Leisha & Justice
were killed in an auto accident,
leaving behind their husband/father
and daughter/sister.

Leisha and I
served together for several
years as co-coordinators of our
local homeschool group,
and in that time, she became
a special friend.

She was a woman with
a sweet & quiet spirit who
humbly blessed those around her.

Her son Justice, had an equally
sweet & gentle spirit
and was a Godly teen who
was a pleasure to know -
even though he was often so
quiet it was hard to know
he was in my class.

Leisha was so humble that I
knew her for a year before
I even discovered that she
was a successful author of
many books - she just never let on about it.
I saw her latest book in a Christian bookstore,
and commented to her
how strange it was that an
author had the same unusual name
she did!  She cracked the
smallest little smile, before
a gal standing next to us informed
me that SHE was that author.
Talk about feeling stupid!
If you've never read one
of Leisha's books, you are
missing out on a real blessing.
She had the gift of weaving the
love of God and the truths in the Bible,
with stories that were heartwarming
and characters you came to love.

The kids in our group received a
unique opportunity to have Leisha
teach several literature classes
about her books and were
the richer for it.
Not only did she teach about her books,
she taught about the time periods,
dressed in period costume,
brought in special foods
and just gave them such an
incredible experience.

If you've never read her books,
please make it your goal to do so.
Please don't buy it used -
bless her husband and daughter
by purchasing a new copy.
Her books are available HERE
and are extremely reasonably priced.

Leisha left us a legacy of faith
in literature that I pray will bless
many until we meet in eternity.

I hope you'll get to know
that legacy through her works.

In loving memory of Justice & Leisha,

I can frequently be found visiting these parties.

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