Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thursday's Theme - OuT oF tHe OrDiNaRy Photo Displays}

While I love traditional photo frames,
I think it's a fun challenge to find unusual
ways to display photos - even more
so if you can create a photo display from something
that would have been junk otherwise.
I've shared some of these ideas in the past,
but I thought a round-up of ideas
really helps demonstrate that nearly
anything can be used to display a photo.
Recently, I shared these old cameras
that I converted into photo holders.
 The black one sold, so I finished another a new one.
My mom had this exact camera when I was growing up.
I went looking through my workshop for
other old things that could serve a new purpose
holding photos and this antique lawn mower
handle seemed like a good candidate.
I added some little spring clips and a
hanger on the back and I love it!
Here are more unusual items I've used
as photo displays.  Most of these items
have already sold, but a few are still available in my shop.
Just search "photo display" in my shop to find them.

Wire brushes are a simple way to display photos.
Just slide the photo between the bristles.
 I had 2 of these cool, old springs that came from
an antique rocking chair.  I just painted a piece
of wood and screwed them to it.
 These metal springs are made of thinner metal
and are easy to bend and shape and can be
attached to wood as well, with some little "U" nails.
I always carry these in my shop HERE.
Antique shoe lasts make an adorable prop for a photo.
The one above is sold, but I have quite a few of these shoe lasts HERE.
You can purchase really small spring clips 
at Hobby Lobby to screw into them to hold a photo.
 This is an old camping toaster
makes a nice way to prop up a photo also.
 This old lantern was missing the glass globe,
but the little slit where the wick once came out
is just the right size to place a photo inside.
 That one sold, but I have another one almost identical
that I placed a telephone insulator inside of, with an
LED flicker light - both are removable, so a photo
could be added to it as well.
Antique Kerosene Lantern Light - Red Train Lamp - with flickering LED votive candle
I think old tools, like these wrenches are perfect
photo displays for a photos of men.
 Tarnished old silver plates - just add photo corner stickers.
 Metal hangers - love them!
A set of 3 of them are available HERE.
Vintage Metal Hangers - Set of 3 - Photo & Art Display
 This was part of a small sleeve ironing board.
I just added an old receipt clip I had,
along with an antique advertisement.
 I am giddy when I find old clipboards that
have developed pretty wear and patina.
A old wood planer - again perfect for holding a man's photo...
but it suits a hard-working woman's photo too!
It's available HERE.
Vintage Wood Planer - Photo Display - Towel Hook - Repurposed
This sweet old hand mirror had broken,
and although I don't have a photo in it here,
I always thought it would be really pretty with
one inside it.  It sold long ago.
What unique things do you use to display photos?
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  1. Fabulous Angie! Finding new ways to display photos is one of my favorite ways to repurpose. Love them!

  2. Clever ideas - now I'm thinking what I could use for a photo holder. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

  3. Este post me ha encantado. Tienes unas ideas maravillosas. Pondré en marcha algunas.

  4. Always great ideas, Angie!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. Its amazing what you can do with a little imagination....these ideas are favourite are the metal springs they almost look as though they have popped right our if a mattress. Thank for sharing.

  6. Amazing ideas, you are so creative!! I had to pin this and share your wonderful ideas and your Etsy shop!!

  7. Great ideas....and I have some of those old things too.


  8. You are so clever Angie ... Love your ideas to display photos.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  9. Really good ideas. I enjoyed every single one!


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