Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shepherds, Angels and Recent Finds

I think one of my very favorite parts of
the Christmas season is Christmas plays,
and musicals.  Although I love seeing well-rehearsed
productions, I adore church plays with lots of little kids.
When you have a stage full of little kids,
funny things can and will happen,
regardless of how much they practiced or how
much hair their director has pulled out of her
head for the last few months trying to get them ready.

My youngest son is in 2 plays this year - 
one at our church and one with our homeschool
group.  In today's church play he was Joseph.
A few years ago, he got to be Elvis...
yes, it was a Christmas play.

Highlights from today:
A little angel falling backward off her step,
landing on her rear end, then saying to the 
girl next to her, "I'm okay, I'm okay."
When she stood up, her halo was completely
fallen over the front of her face.
She may be an angel with a crooked halo,
but she was adorable.

A little shepherd boy wearing a flannel
robe, which came completely untied.
He struggled to walk to the front of the
stage for the song he was in, dragging
the robe belt beside him and managed to 
walk through the microphone cord.
This boy never fails to make everyone laugh.

It isn't perfectly memorized lines that
make these plays special, it's the funny,
carefree things that kids if there weren't
a whole crowd full of people watching them.

This evening, my daughter and youngest
son put together a gingerbread house,
like they do each year.  At 20 and almost 13,
I'm glad they still enjoy doing this project
together each Christmas.
I haven't been to an auction
in a few months, and have mainly tried to
work on things I already have on hand,
but on the way to taking my son to play 
practice, I noticed a new little antique shop
along the way.  After dropping him off,
I had to go back and check it out,
and brought home quite a few goodies
for my shop.  Here's a few of them.

This cage is for a big bird - it's pretty huge!
I think it would be gorgeous filled with plants.
 I love it when I find these old wooden
chicken nesting trays with the wire mesh bottoms.
The make wonderful wall shelves and
are magnetic, so they double as a magnet board.
 I love this old train lantern too,
so I don't care if it sells or not!
 Here's one of the projects I finished up recently,
with doorknobs and photo holders I had in my workshop.
These are fun to work on, since each
one is unique.  These have sold.
I hope to see you back on Monday
evening, for the Knick of Time Tuesday party!


  1. My kids were just in a play at church, it was wonderful, but the boy playing the innkeeper fainted right off the front of stage during the first song, he was OK but we had to find a replacement in a hurry, it was such a shame because he had a decent size role and had done a fabulous job in the final rehearsal!

  2. anything with children in it is well worth watching...I keep praying for more kids in our church so I can get some plays going, but it's hard with only 2 teens...the rest are toddlers. lol

  3. Your children are so beautiful!
    You found some great pieces, I really love the lantern!

  4. I am so glad you children still love participating in holiday traditions.My daughter is thirteen and we spent the weekend baking! We still have more to do an it was so much fun! I hope we will carry this on always.

  5. love it all and what cute door knob pic hangers. yours are a little different than others I've seen....
    a little more basic. I like it.


  6. You are so creative! I wish I didn't have to work for a living and could stay home and make things all day long... Work is ruining my life! LOL

  7. Church and School plays are the best! :)

  8. Angie, I love plays with children too. They are just too cute. My grands will be acting out the nativity here on Christmas Eve. Can't wait! Maybe we'll have an angel with a crooked halo. I love your finds! I have never ran across a nesting box like that. Would love to find one! Great birdcage and lantern. Also love the doorknob photo holders. Pinning that fun idea. Thanks for sharing with Share your Cup.


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