Sunday, December 9, 2012

Primitive Christmas Stockings & Evil Elves

I think we have evil elves living in our attic,
 who are Christmas decoration thieves.
Every year, our family somehow has the knack
for losing Christmas decorations.
Seriously, how do you lose Christmas decorations?
I mean, I pack them all up at the same time,
and logic would dictate that I put them all in the same
place - it's not like we live in a mansion.
But it's the same story every year - things are missing.

This year we couldn't find the
star for the top of our tree, several other decorations,
and half of the family's stockings.  I *know* I
would not have put half of the stockings in 
different boxes...much less not in the same 
storage area in our attic...I know it.
Nonetheless, they are missing.

I wish I could say this was the first time,
but several years ago, we managed to lose
ALL our Christmas stockings and our tree skirt.
Evil elves, I tell you.

I picked up a stack of stockings someone
else made at the thrift store last week, for 50 cents
each and planned to just use them - even
though I wasn't crazy about them, but
then it occurred to me that I had some leftover
drop cloth, so I decided to whip up the
quickest stockings you ever saw.
They have a simplistic, tattered look that
I was in the mood for, rather than the
bright Christmas prints I've had in the past.
I just used the thrift store stockings as my patterns,
and pinned them on the drop cloth, then cut them
out with pinking shears.
I zig-zag stitched around the edge, then added the seam
from the drop cloth as the hanger for them.
I didn't turn them inside out to hide the raw edge,
because I wanted them to look very rustic
(and I was feeling too lazy to press the seams).
I typed everyone's name using a font from Picmonkey,
then printed them out on Transfer Artist Paper (TAP).
Since I didn't make cuffs on the stockings,
I just ironed the names on the toes of the stockings instead.
Remember, remember, remember to print in reverse.
I always forget and waste a page, which drives me crazy.

Normally when I make stockings, I make
a liner for them, so there are no raw edges inside or out,
and each stocking has a cuff, and
the seams are nicely pressed, but I was
going for primitive, quick, easy and neutral-colored.
Besides, there seemed no point in spending a
lot of time making fancier ones, since
the evil elves would just steal them anyway.
Maybe I'll just leave them hanging all year,
where I can keep my eye on them.



  1. Oh, I feel your frustration! I try to live by the motto "A place for everything and everything in its place.", but it doesn't always work that way. And of course you'll find those missing socks after Christmas when you're putting THIS years stuff away. Oh, well. Next year you should have 3 different kinds of socks to choose from.

  2. Oh- I hate when stuff like that happens. We lost a whole BOX of ornaments when we moved. HOW can that be? They were all there- all packed in at the same time...the place was empty when we left...where did it go? You have evil attic elves....MY own elves live in the basement. Ya just can't win- xo Diana

  3. I adore them Angie!!! Make me some!

  4. Angie, I think the evil elves are bringing your decorations to my home since I have sooooo much that I don't even use them all. Anyway, I love you take on the stocking and the creative touch of names on toes...Too cute!

  5. HAHAHAHA... I was just looking and looking...had to take a break and look so more, 'cause I lost some of my decorations!!! I will look again tomorrow!!!

  6. That's the mystery of the ages, where things disappear to in an attic when you know you put them away. We had hauled so many boxes of decorations around when we moved (several times) and more than half never got used. This Spring we went thru all of the boxes (way too many) and still kept too much. After this Christmas I'll be going thru more of it to get rid of.
    It's just the two of us old kids so I'm not keeping so much anymore. I figure if I want more things I'll get them at a dollar store and be happy with it. I make alot of decorations also. It feels really good to thin things down.
    I realize a family will need/want more, especially keepsakes and heirlooms. good luck on your hunt for lost decos.
    Happy Week

  7. I once lost a huge box of Christmas cards...a printer box full of new cards, that turned up the next year like it had never gone missing. But the worst was when I lost my wedding ring and found it amongst the Christmas decorations TWO years later. Pranky elves for sure. Nice excuse for cool stockings on your part tho! :O)

  8. You will find those decorations.....on the day you pack up the existing ones and put them away!!! That's how it always works. How do I know this???? Haha

  9. I hope you find those decorations. That is the worst. I love the stockings you did make though.


  10. You made my day and started it off with a BIG smile! Your stockings are adorable, love how you added the names at the toe. I just ordered the TAP transfer paper and have never seen it used up close and worked great!
    Crafty Hugs,

  11. I think these are great and this way, when the elves decide to return the other ones (and you know they will, i.e. when they turn up in the box marked "4th of July Decorations" you will not have spent too much time on these replacements.

  12. I can't find one of the set of Christmas Carolers...though perhaps he broke last year and I just don't remember, who knows. Your stockings are cute :)

  13. Angie, your Evil Elves come to my house every year too! I am missing some of my favorite...ELVES! Really, they were my mom,s and so very vintage ..with little sock hats...can't find them. I've been good this year, so why am I feeling like I've been put on the naughty list!

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium

  14. This is so cute. I love this stocking.

  15. Evil Elves have been know to attack my stored Christmas boxes in years past. It's so frustrating. Your most recent attack seem to have a happy ending. I love the rustic stocking you made, they are adorable.

  16. I totally love those stockings that you whipped up. You did great.

    Those elves sure are naughty. :)

  17. I couldn't find my star either. Those naughty elves got me too! Love your stockings! Stop by:)

  18. so charming!

    mmmmmmm, i'm sleepy just seeing the lovely photos!

    if you have a moment, we'd love you to drop by and enter the giveaway. hope you win!

    smiles to you.


  19. Oh Angie, I think those evil elves hung out at my house for a while. Couldn't find one container for quite some time. Finally, found it on the oppisite side of all the Christmas decor. I love drop cloth and it just makes everything fun. Love how you added the name too. Pretty and primitive all at the same time. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  20. I put it all in huge plastic tubs. I only have 6 for Christmas, so if it's not in those tubs, then I guess I don't have it anymore! Now my Halloween things... that's another story...that stuff is ALWAYS misplaced, b/c you have the FALL, and then you have the HALLOWEEN...


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