Friday, December 7, 2012

I Gotta Book

Back in September, I shared these book stacks that I'd
put together for my shop.  All but one of them have sold, 
so it was "time to book" again.
I really love putting book stacks together.
I love finding books that look beautiful grouped together - 
and they are one of my favorite things to photograph.

This is my favorite newest book stack.
I had 3 red books in my book piles that were all
missing their spine covers.  I love the contrast of the
red against the worn, brown sides.\
Isn't that little ICE wagon adorable?!
It belonged to my father-in-law when he was a child,
and when they came for a visit last month,
they brought me his set of these toys.  Love them!
I bought the top book specifically because I loved the cover.
This book isn't in a stack - I listed it all by itself,
because I just love the title.
It's filled with absolutely adorable illustrations from the 40's.
I love this pretty stack of deep reds.
School book stacks are always a favorite for me.
As much as I love old school items - you'd think
I actually loved school as a child, but I didn't.
How in the world I ended up becoming a homeschool parent
(16 years and counting) still amazes me.
I'm sure my old teachers would be amazed as well.
This stack is singin' the blues.

This 1936 dictionary doesn't need to be stacked with
any other books - it's mammoth!  You could wallpaper
several rooms with the 3,000+ pages in it.
Antique Dictionary - 1936 Webster's International Dictionary
Its cover and spine are so very worn,
and beautiful because of it.
Antique Dictionary - 1936 Webster's International Dictionary
I never thought the mountains of books I had would ever start to diminish,
but stack by stack, the mountain has become a mole hill,  so I can
finally start bringing more home again.



  1. Love your blog! Would like to invite you to link up to my Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

  2. I love them - I have a thing for vintage books, too!

  3. I love your stacks of books, too! Thank you for sharing your latest pics.: ) xoxo

  4. Hi Angie
    I love your vintage book displays. I adore old schoolbooks. I recently bought a few old books at the swap meet, and have yet to put them anywhere. I like your idea of tying them together and displaying them. Thanks for inspiring me! I enjoy reading your blog as you always have such great vintage finds. Have a great weekend.


  5. Wow, I have that exact same dictionary. My husband found it and loves it so I am not allowed to tear the pages out for art. I have to admit it looks right at home in my entertainment center right next to the DVR. Very pretty book stacks ; )


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