Friday, November 30, 2012

Time on my Hands

Months and months, ago I purchased a collection
of antique wrist watch faces because I
just knew there was something wonderful
I could do with them.  They arrived in the mail,
I ohhed and ahhed over them, then
put them in a jar for safekeeping and
promptly forgot I had them.
While working on my antique tape measure bracelets,
I went to my jars of craft supplies to get some supplies,
and discovered my poor little forgotten
watch faces.   Since I already had the
supplies out to make bracelets,
I decided it was high time to do something
with these little guys, and I was in bracelet "mode",
so that's what they became.
I made a few of them,
so one if you need a little extra time
on your hands, you can get it HERE...;0)
Antique Watch Face Bracelet - Clock Face Time - Time on Your Hands


  1. Love that bracelet. Love even more the thought of all those woman over the years wearing those watches. What were they late for? What were they timing ? A special cake? Who were they waiting for? A son coming home from the service? Yes. Lots to think about

  2. I'm clock I love this. I can't wear bracelets but sooooo wish I could. I too have a collection of watch and clock parts just waiting for me to do "something" with them...nice job :)

  3. I am clock crazy too! That is a very clever idea. :-) Clocks, music, and maps get me every time!

  4. Love these Angie; we can all use a little more time:-) I've made a few myself and they're always a big hit.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. What a cute idea! Love those vintage watch faces!

  6. How cute are these! They might make darling curtain tie-backs..hmmm. Can't wait to be able to come SHOP with you, hopefully soon. I love your creative creations!


  7. Angie, these are so cool! You score some of the most unique finds!!

  8. Beautiful bottles, Angie! Love the vintage watch faces.


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