Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hunkering Down

I love snow and cold weather...for 2 days.
Those 2 days are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Before and after those two days,
I prefer the other 3 seasons.

As the weather gets colder, I have less
and less desire to head out to my workshop.
I'm grateful I have a large workshop with
a lot of storage space, but it isn't temperature-controlled,
so there are only a few months of the year
when it's comfortable to work out there,
when it isn't too hot or too cold.

For that reason, I decided that in
addition to the usual vintage and upcycled items
I normally carry in my shop, I'd expand my
line of goods to things that don't require
me to leave the warm confines of my house so much.

I've been sharing antique graphics with you all
for almost as long as I've had this blog,
and will now be carrying digital downloads of
antique graphics at Knick of Time on Etsy as well.

Some of the digital downloads are the same
ones you already have access to for free,
but now they'll be available for a small fee
for people who don't follow my blog.
(There are some perks of following!)

I'll also have some new images, exclusive
to my online shop, such as these incredible
alphabet and number graphics
from an 1898 children's primer.
Antique Alphabet Typography Images 1898 - Digital Download for Papercrafts, Transfers, Pillows, Scrapbooks, and more.

The original pages looked like this,
before I cropped just the strips with the
lovely script letters.
images that came from a 1914 almanac.

This image is from an 1899 Spelling book.
Digital Download Printable Antique Spelling Typography Page - from 1899 - for Papercrafts, Transfers, Pillows, Scrapbooks, and more.
Some of my images are a combination of antique graphics,
such as this Home Sweet Home antique sheet music page,
to which I've added a "nesting" graphic from the 1899 school primer.
I've also added a lot more antique and maps to the shop,
from 1914 through 1960.
I don't have nearly all of them listed yet,
so feel free to let me know if there is a specific
state or country you are looking for.
Antique Map - BRITISH ISLES - 1949 Map Page Antique Map - FRANCE - 1949
My "Buy 3, get 1 Free" deal is still available,
with a flat $5.75 shipping for 2 or more maps (or $3.75 for 1).
Antique Maps - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE

Antique WORLD Map Globe Earth - 1914 - Wool and Sugar Production Map

I'll still attend my weekly auctions, but I'll
try very hard to limit myself to smaller items
that don't require as much shlepping large boxes and bubble wrap
back and forth from the workroom to my house.

I know I won't totally be able to resist the urge to
get my paintbrush out and work on projects,
but when I just *have* to paint,
I'll spread a sheet over my kitchen table and do it there.


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  1. I understand about not wanting to venture out. I'm very grateful for the popularity of my clay tags. They're a lot easier on my back than furniture redesigns, and I can work on them while watching TV.

  2. I'm definitely starting to consider the weight of the pieces I work on. If the choice is between a big 'ol buffet or a little side chair, I'm going for the chair! ~ Maureen

  3. I can relate about a cold shop, and agree with Maureen..the little pieces are drawing my attention now!

    I just got back from a long ago planned week in Mexico, where it was in the 80's. Now cold and wet Seattle, makes me want to stay in and not go to my very cold shop...burrr!

    Jan at The Pink Geranium


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