Sunday, November 4, 2012

He Means Business

I was really busy and skipped my usual auction last week,
but on my way to my son's basketball game, I did visit a thrift
store and found "Mr. Business".
Someone must have been quite the salesman
or businessman to bring home these 2 trophies.

 They no longer bear the name inscription plaques, so I don't know
who they belonged to or when he received them, but I'm guessing
from the hats on the trophies, these must be from the 50's or 60's.
 I was glad to discover the electric clock still works on the one
with the wooden base, so it's joining
the rest of my clocks on my piano mantel until it sells.
If it doesn't sell, I'm fine with that too - I love it!

This one has a base made of Carrara marble.
Both are listed in my shop as a set.
They've been together this long, I'm not going to separate them now!

Speaking of business - there are some fine shops and blogs
that took advantage of my 15 days of free sidebar advertising!
I hope you'll pay them a visit and let them know I sent you!
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  1. I have seen many trophies, but never one that didn't cover a sport. great finds!

  2. Great finds Angie! You always find the coolest stuff!

  3. What cool trophies--they have such a great retro vibe to them!


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