Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Antique Graphics Wednesday - 5 Grocery Store Advertisements

I've shared with you in the past that my childhood
dream was to own a general store, complete with
with shelves of glass jars filled with candies, bolts of fabric,
and bins filled with peanuts and potatoes.
I wanted a squeaky screen door and floorboards that creaked when you walked on them.
There had to be a porch with benches out front,
so neighbors could sit and chat about the price of gas and complain about the weather.
These 5 advertisements  all came from some early
1900's yearbooks from Morningside College in Iowa.
 This ad is very simple and to the point.  They didn't even include
an address, so I guess everyone in town knew where to find them.
 This one wasn't a grocery store.  It was a florist,
but I liked the typography on it.
I think these images, or the names from them would
be great for handmade signs.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks, Angie. I love the ads in the back of old yearbooks. They are as entertaining as the pictures are. I like the one with "Step in while you wait for the car." Trolley, Maybe?


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