Sunday, November 25, 2012

13 Pine Cone Projects

The wonderful thing about Christmas decorating,
is that you can create beauty using
just natural elements provided by the good Lord.

One of my favorite elements is pine cones,
and you can usually find them free for the picking - 
if not in your own yard, then from a friend,
or in a park.  I constantly pick up pine
cones when on walks and have baskets of 
them all over, but I thought it would be nice
to find some pretty variations for them.

Here are 13 pine cone decor ideas 
that inspired me.  Click on the photos to
view from the original source (when known).

I really love this idea of stringing
them to make a garland.
Pinned Image
Pine cones put back where they started...on a branch.
Pining Away
Simple, yet elegant.
Picture 32
Very pretty added to greenery and lights for a window garland.
{original source unknown}
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I think these jars with pine cones would make
inexpensive, yet pretty gifts.  Just paint the tips,
add them to wire wrapped around the jar and 
include a candle inside.
Isn't this lovely?!
{original source unknown}
pine cones
A cute idea if you are having dinner guests.
DIY: Pinecone Seating Card Holders article photo
Coated with scented wax - pretty to look at and to smell.
Painted Pinecones
Pretty pine cone trees
Hearth Display
Pretty table centerpieces
Pinecone Christmas Trees
Glued to the edge of a basket - very pretty!
And simply sitting pretty in a basket.
I remember doing this peanut butter and bird seed on pine cone
project with my kids when they were younger.
They had fun making them and enjoyed watching
the birds eat their treat.
Hang a Bird Feeder
Are you including pine cones or other natural
elements in your Christmas decorating?

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  1. Yes! I just worked a few tricks with giant pinecones that I picked up in the mountains. Some great ideas here!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderfully creative ideas with us, Angie... they're all so lovely.♥ xoxo

  3. I especially love those jars with the pine cones around the edge--how pretty!

  4. I love pine cones and usually just toss them in a basket or jar. Pretty plain. These ideas are superb! Love seeing the different ways to use them. Thanks!

  5. Ha! I was playing with pine cones all weekend! I made a white pine cone wreath, added them to my mantle and was digging in the snow in the backyard for even more to use this holiday season!

    Your inspiration photos are beautiful - I love the large ones as Christmas tree table centerpieces!

  6. Great ideas! It's just not Christmas without pinecones.

  7. Great inspiration Angie!Yes I love using these too! And they are great not just for Christmas but for winter decor!

  8. Pine cones are always a favorite around here. I love the jars and the centerpieces. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!



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