Monday, October 15, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday #56

Welcome back to the 56th
Knick of Time Tuesday!

Before we get started, I have a favor to ask.
You may have noticed that I tweaked the look of my blog last week.
I moved my sidebar and changed the width of my blog,
because I got feedback that it was too wide to fit on a regular monitor.
Now that I've changed it, I again got feedback that now 
it's too small when people view it on IPads.
Could you take a moment to let me know if it looks okay
on YOUR monitor, or IPad?  I'd really appreciate it!

Just a reminder that I now allow links to shops,
as long as the item is a VINTAGE ITEM,
so feel free to share your Etsy shop listings, etc.
Just remember, the items MUST be vintage.

This is the place to share anything 
old, treasured, passed-down or tattered.
Share anything vintage (or newly created to look that way!)

Please take a moment to
add the party button to your blog and help spread the word.

There were so many great links share at the party last
week, that I had a really hard time selecting just a few,
but here are some that caught my eye.

Dixie @ Frenchlique

Liz @ Quirky Vistas

Korrie @ Red Hen Home
poison 006e2
Joy @ A Vintage Green liked the Itty Bitty Banners I
shared last week and created one of her own for a fall wreath.

Maggie @ Little Miss Maggie
Feel free to grab this button if I featured you today!
Knick of Time Interiors

You'll also be pinned on the
Please, do the following before linking up:
1.  Are you following Knick of Time ?
If not, I hope you'll do so now - thanks!
2. Please only link up your vintage-style treasures.
No food, giveaways, link parties or posts that aren't vintage-style.
Those links will be deleted.
3. Post a link back within your post, so others can join the party.
Only those who link back will be featured.

Looking forward to seeing your vintage style!

Please Visit Today's Sponsor!
You WILL love CeCe Caldwell paint, I promise!!!


  1. Thanks for hosting - fantastic features,

  2. I have a wide-screen laptop. The blog looks great, except for your header picture. On my screen the main header picture is about 1 1/2 inches too narrow, so there is a large blue space between the picture and the border.

  3. Your blog posts are too far to the right on my screen. Desktop.

  4. Thanks for hosting, love that pickle sign. And for allowing us to link up our etsy shops! feel free to come over to my party at the Farmhouse Porch right now and link up your shop as well!


  5. Loving the feature you chose and congrats to the lucky ladies. Thank you for hosting yet, another great party at KOTT. Enjoy your new week.

  6. Thank you so much for hosting this week! I have a laptop and your posts are too far to the right, part of it is being cut off! Have a great week! Hugs, Penny

  7. Angie I hooked up with your party this week! Thanks! I don't have an i pad so cant help you there but the post is cut off to the right on my computer screen.

  8. On my laptop, your page is too big for me to see it all, I have to scroll over.

  9. Hi Angie- I have a desk was large when I clicked onto it.
    But-- I just use Control / scroll up and it goes smaller. Not a problem for me.
    It is loading fine. Doesn't load slow.

    joining the party this week with some graphics I absconded from your free print offs! =D
    thanks for hosting! Pat

  10. Thanks for hosting, Angie! I'm on a borrowed laptop so nothing is as usual lol... missing my computer and my large screen :) ~Pernilla

  11. I'm on a laptop, so I'm getting scrollbars, too. LOL I don't mind, though.

    Thanks for the great party! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the vintage vibes!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  12. Hi Angie: First off, your website looks great on my desktop PC. Second, thank you so much for once again hosting the party for us today--I enjoyed all the pretty features you selected for this week. Love all the vintage-inspired looks!

  13. First let me say thank you for featuring my pendant lights... you're are so sweet to do that! Second... I use a laptop and your blog looks great to me.

    have a wonderful fall week!

    blessings. Dixie

  14. Not to gripe or criticize, but since you asked---On my laptop, it runs off the right side of the page. Also, your smallest font lines are so very tiny (like the line "this list will close--"). And your left sidebar, with your sponsors, etc., is so wide---makes it seem like that is more the focus, since we read left to right, and it takes attention from your actual page. Just my opinion---
    But I love your blog, so I will be reading, regardless. Blessings!

  15. Hi Angie, I'm on a MacBook Air Laptop. Your pic looks too small and then there is a big gap and the next picture comes up blank. Might need a bit more tweaking :) So nice that people are helping you though. Your blog still looks amazing! x Julie

  16. Angie...I view blogs and post on my Desktop PC with a wide screen monitor where your Blog views perfectly with all your photos, sidebar, and banner with room to spare. I use much the same blogger layout from the early days of blogger just for the purpose of space for large photos and sidebar suits my blog and my preferences. This layout certainly suits your blog and I'm sure that most folks will adjust and accomodate according to their viewing monitors. Thanks for hosting another great Knick of Time. Enjoyed the features.

  17. It looks good on my phone, my tablet AND my computer! Loved the features today and thanks for hosting!

  18. All looks really nice on my monitor (but I have a big monitor if that matters).


  19. Thanks for hosting, Angie! Everything looks great on my desktop :)

  20. Great features! I'm loving those Ball jar lights! Thanks so much for hosting this great party!
    Everything looks great on my desktop PC -- I do have a fairly wide monitor : )

  21. Thanks so much for hosting! I have a wide monitor and I think it looks great!
    Tuula :)

  22. Angie,
    Thanks so much for hosting! Your blog looks great on my monitor as is!


  23. Thanks so much for hosting... my first time joining today! Your blog looks dandy on my monitor too -- it's a wide one; it matches my butt. :D

  24. Angie, thanks so much for hosting such a great collection of vintage links. I usually have to visit several times to see and read everything. I loved the town tour and the grain sack cards post from you. Great ideas! I have a small monitor so everything is skewed to the left, but I just scroll over to the right to see everything.

  25. Love, love that pickle sign! Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

  26. Thanks for featuring me this week, Angie. Always a pleasure to join the party.

  27. Angie, what a lovely surprise to see my mini banner featured (inspired by your itty bitty banner). You inspire many, many others with your innovative ideas. Thank you.

  28. And other inspiration from you Angie - used the grain sack picture your shared on your post and had a great time using your suggestion of PicMonkey for the letters along with your background to make another banner. You are very inventive. Thanks for hosting a great party.


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