Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sonday - Road Trip

My daughter and I hit the road
on Friday mid-morning for what's becoming
our yearly trek to Greenville, IL where she
attends Agape Fest every year.

Agape Fest is a contemporary Christian music festival
put on every year for the last 35 years, by the students of
Greenville college in this little city of around 7,000 people.
She spends 14 hours straight at the concert,
while I hit every yard sale, thrift shop, and antique store
I come across and enjoy some sight-seeing.

 She's attended the festival for the last
4 or 5 years and it's a highlight of the year for her.
The day was very warm and humid,
but we were both excited to spend
the day doing what we love to do.
My first stop was at the
Third Street Market antique store.
I found a few goodies there,
then went to a thrift store next.
 More goodies were added to my trunk
at the thrift store, then I went to
the downtown area where I found
a few more fun things in the antique stores there.
I think its wonderful that the downtown areas
in many towns and cities are seeing a revival
of new businesses and activity.  I love the old
brick buildings, rich with history.
By that time, I was ready to sit down and relax,
so I went to rest in the shade of on
the historic courthouse lawn.
The courthouse is a stately old beauty,
in the center of the downtown square.
Rested and refreshed, I went on to see this
antique/flower/gift shop that was once a jail.
They have some gorgeous flowers for sale outside
and display in them in such charming ways.

 This chippy old chair is a beauty!
I left the downtown area to go buy a drink
and came across this old bridge.
 It appears the road was closed when
a newer road was built, so the
bridge hasn't been driven on in many years.
 It made a nice spot to snap a few photos
of some of my purchases.
I love these old chippy wood molding pieces.
Having visited all the shops I could find,
I decided to take the back road and visit
the neighboring town.
There was nothing but scenery on this road,
until my eyes spotted this...
I quickly turned off the road,
and onto this little gravel road.
Which then turned onto this LONGGGG 
bumpy, muddy, gravel road.
But you know what's been said
about the road less traveled...
it makes all the difference.
I scored some great stuff and am
so glad I took the back road instead of the highway.
I'll show you some of those finds tomorrow,
but here are a few.
I spent the remaining hours of daylight
and the local park.  The sun was setting, the frogs,
were croaking and the fish were jumping.
A perfect end to a wonderful weekend.
On the 3 hour drive there and back, 
we laughed a lot, ate at our favorite restaurants, 
got lost & took wrong turns times and
enjoyed having that time to spend together - 
just the two of us.
I'm already looking forward to next year.


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  1. what a great way to spend the day...for the both of you! I would have loved to have checked out the flower shop, that chippy metal chair is wonderful!!

  2. That old jail building has so much character! I would have passed up the garage sale if I were by myself, but I'm anxious to see what other goodies you found. I, too, have had some of the best times with our daughters on road trips like yours.

  3. Sounds like an idyllic day!

    (a new follower) ~Rachel

  4. Heavenly!! I've heard so much about Agape Fest -- how great that your daughter has been able to attend so many times and that YOU scored such great stuff! Those architectural pieces are to die for -- loved the picture of the yard sale "road"!

  5. What a lovely day! I love spending time with my daughter, too. All the more if you find some great bargains!

  6. Sound like a wonderful time with your daughter. I'm sure many good memories are made each year you make the trip.
    Mary Alice

  7. The town looks so charming and quaint...the kind of place I'd love to spend time. I think it's wonderful that you and your daughter had this time together. Those are memories that will last a life time. Thanks for giving us a peek into your mother daughter trip at Show & Tell.


  8. What a fun way to spend the day! I'd probably not have gone down that long, less traveled road to the yard sale. My luck would be that it was the week before and they didn't take down the sign. LOL
    But, it looks like you got some great pieces. I also enjoyed seeing the garden section of the old jail/antiques store.

  9. Hi Angie, what a fun trip for you and your daughter. I love the old buildings and bridge. The flower shop (jail) is gorgeous! Love, love that chair. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup!


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