Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sonday - My Mother's Hands

Lots of thoughts and images stand out
in our minds when we think of our mothers.

Perhaps it is her smile, her laugh, her style
or the meals she put on the table.
When I think of my mom, I think of her hands.
Not just her hands, but how her hands
have had such an influence on my life.
My mother has been a seamstress since
before I was born.  My childhood memories
are filled with images of her sitting at her
sewing machine, making curtains, or clothes, or
gifts for Christmas.  I couldn't tell
you how many curtains she's sewn
for me over the years, or how many dresses she's made for
myself, my sister and my daughter.
We had handmade Easter dresses,
and handmade Halloween costumes,
and she even made my wedding dress.

I can tell you she taught me to sew,
though I was a slow learner,
and she taught me to macrame,
and she taught me to cross-stitch and
stitch the pleats closed on the curtains she made.

She's helped me paint and wallpaper my homes...
numerous times and my sister's home as well.

In other words,
she's demonstrated love all these years...
with her hands.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom
I Love You

This beautiful hymn, entitled, "My Mother's Hands"
was written in 1890 by Mrs. M.E. Willson and
is part of a tattered hymn book I own called,
"The Finest of Wheat".
While written about a mother who had passed away,
(and mine is still living), I love the
way the author also shares her remembrance
of her own mother's hands.


  1. So touching post!
    I just love to be the mother and I am so so happy of my children <3 It is so full life with them :)
    Have a happy mothersday!
    With hugs

  2. Happy Mothers day, Sweet post. :)

  3. What a beautiful post and tribute to your mom -- you are truly blessed!

  4. That is a wonderful hymn! Your Mom must be blessed by this sweet post. I know I am....Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. Angie,
    What a lovely tribute to your Mother.Happy Mothers Day to you both.

  6. The world lies at the feet of thy Mother. Happy Mother's day Angie:)

  7. This was a lovely tribute to you mom. Happy Mother's Day Angie. Best, Lisa

  8. Lovely post...what a wonderful Mom!!

  9. A Lovely Tribute to your Talented Creative Mom!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Such a lovely homage to your mom! Brought tears to my eyes.


  11. That was beautiful. I can close my eyes and picture my mother's hands. Thank you for bringing such wonderful memories to mind.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful. What a wonderful gift.

  13. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post at Show & Tell. I love the image of loving hands. I can envision you watching your mother sew. What a great memory.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  14. Beautiful! The song says it all!

  15. Beautiful! The song says it all!

  16. This was the most wonderful post....EVER!!! Thanks so much for sharing.


  17. That was so beautiful, you are a loving daughter. It's wonderful that you remember how hard your Mother always worked and continues to for your. Brought tears to my eyes. The picture of your Mother reminded me so much of a favorite Aunt who was also a seamstress She taught me alot about sewing and I loved her very much.

  18. Such beautiful thoughts and reminds me of my own mom. She did all the same things and her hands at 94 still say so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to write this and bring these memories to mind.


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