Sunday, May 13, 2012

No French Flea

I've never been to a French flea market,
but I'm pretty sure it doesn't look like this.
This flea market is fairly "primitive" looking,
with lots of ramshackle buildings, and trailers,
but I absolutely love visiting it each year.
 It started raining about 10 minutes before we got there
early Saturday morning,
 and continued most of the time we were there,
so my first purchase was an umbrella,
(because of course, I didn't have one in the SUV).
Two of my kids came with me and brought
their dogs, so it smelled like wet, dirty dog
all the way home.
 But I did find plenty of...
In fact, I got this wonderful wooden ironing board...
 and this cute pint sized one.
 I got a few stacks of berry baskets,
 and a bunch of old bottles & a large Ball jar.
 I was thrilled to find the receipt spike and 
a few more wire and bristle brushes for photo holders.
 And I scored another HUGE tool tote...
 and a smaller version as well.
 What's funny is this one is identical to 
one I gave a facelift to a few months ago.
If you recall, I sanded off the snowmen and snowflakes
and made it look like this.
I'll be giving the new one the same treatment.
Wooden Tool Tote - Garden Caddy - Tool Trug
I got 3 more metal graters and a mug tree,
 along with a cute, little world bank.
 And someone started this crochet piece, but
never finished it.  I'll remove the last row and
tie it off.  The cheese cloche was a bargain too.
All in all, I'm happy with my day at the Flea,
even if my little globe bank is as close as I got to France.

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  1. What great finds and how brave you are to press on in that rain and then travel home with wet dogs! LOVE your finds -- especially the ironing board and the cheese 'cloche'! I know my mom had a small board like that (and I have one too although mine isn't really old) for ironing sleeves.

  2. You got some good stuff and it looks like the sun finally made an appearance when you got back home. Those kind of sales are the best. Low overhead=low prices, right?

  3. What great finds! Sounds like such a fun day and the perfect place for a treasure hunt. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  4. Some great treasures you found on this adventure. I would not mind rain, wet, smelly, dirty dog , ramshackle or primitive if I can come home with such great finds:)


  5. Such great finds! i can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  6. That place is a thrifters dream! Love all your finds and looking forward to seeing all your creative projects with all your treasures!!

  7. Sometimes you can find treasures in the most unassuming places! :) I love the thrill of the hunt!

  8. lots of great treasures girl!!

    barbara jean

  9. Check that there is not asbestos under the cover of the little ironing board. It's what they used before discovering how dangerous it is.
    That large Ball jar is a beaut.


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