Monday, May 7, 2012

Junkin' Journey

I shared with you yesterday
about the little road trip my daughter 
and I took over the weekend.  Technically, it's about a 3-hour 
drive, but it's more like 5 or 6 with us,
because I like to make sure I visit
every restroom along our route
and of course need to hit a few yard sales
and antique stores, since I've already
left the highway to find a bathroom.

So, today I'll show you some of the
things I brought home from the junkin' journey.

Love, love, love
the rusty, chippy look of this
grain scoop and old metal cup.
 Chippy old molding pieces.  These will probably 
be turned in to coat hooks...or something.
 Lots of good junk.  The pie tin is going in my kitchen.
Another clock to add to my collection.
It's another clock that is "frozen in time", but
I don't care if they work.
 I love old graters, so these are going in my kitchen.
 Lots of old bottles.  Love the root beer ones.
 Bunches of old door and padlock keys,
and an old rusty metal filter of some sort.
 I found this at an antique store
and paid too much for it, but I love it.
It came with some terrific old stamps.

 More bottles & a grater.
A few old fryer baskets and a saw.
I also got a rusty little metal plant stand,
some zinc canning jar lids & wooden shutters,
and some terra cotta pots.

Sorry, I can't show you photos,  because my camera battery is dead
and my charger has gone missing, so
I guess I better stop blogging and start searching!

I'll see you later for Knick of Time Tuesday!

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Hope you week is getting off to a great start!


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  1. Hi Angie! thanks for sharing the photos of those great rusty, chippy finds with was fun to see them. May I say that my husband would NOT like to travel with you...he is like a "man on a mission" once he gets behind the wheel on a road trip...goal:home and how fast can he get there without getting a speeding ticket. But you and I by ourselves would have a grand old time stopping to shop.

  2. Angie,
    You found one of those stamp holders.....with a stamp too.......WHOOO HOOO.I have been hunting for one of those.Sometimes you have to go for it.Those are fun finds.I love the rusty scoop too.Looks like you and your daughter had fun treasure hunting.

  3. Great finds, Angie. I'm like you. Who cares if the clocks work? I love them just as props.

  4. I think I'd place a jar of water in that grain scoop and fill it with pink roses. If I grew more than 3, that is. Great finds!

  5. Amazing finds! ... love the patina :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  6. I love your junk - wish I could have been on that trip with you.

  7. I love your finds! I had one of those stamp holders and regret selling it! I took little bottles and put them into the grabbers all around and used them as vases, it was a darling display! have fun! karen....

  8. What a wonderful day with your daughter. I love, love, love, your collections.


  9. Love the scoop and cup, Angie. Nice weathered finds.

  10. These are some terrific finds! I love the scoop you found. I have always wanted to add some old kitchen tools/utensils to my kitchen decor. I need to make that a reality. Thanks for sharing your fun treasures at Show & Tell. I love seeing them!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  11. Oh how I wish I was with you on this trip! Love the scoop, the stamp holder, and clock. What great finds! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup!


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