Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get the Look Thursday - {Antique Farmhouse Metal Wall Frame}

I know, I know,
I keep doing knock-off projects from Antique Farmhouse,
but I just keep finding so many I like.
I do have some knock-offs from other
companies that I will be 
showing in the future though, I promise.

I love the look of this metal wall frame
Antique Farmhouse sold for $22 (sold out).
 I kept this image in my idea file, 
but honestly couldn't figure out
how I was going to come up with
something similar, since I've
never seen any metal pieces
like they used for their product. 

"Antique" Metal Wall Frame
Then, one day I was going through
all of my silver plated pieces in my
collection and realized that some of 
my bowls and platters have such
pretty tarnish on them, and
 pretty edges, one of them might work well.

My version is somewhat different,
but it's one that I think everyone
could copy, since silver plated items
are plentiful at thrift & antique stores 
and they can usually be found very inexpensively.
I used adhesive scrapbook corners
to secure the photo to the shallow bowl
I chose for my version.
 I decided to try another variation on
an old ironstone saucer and I like
it just as well.
I think both of these are lovely and unusual ways
to display favorite antique photos and
a great way to use odds and ends plates too.
You could create a larger display using multiple
photos on a larger silver platter also.

If you don't have a favorite old photo,
you can copy and print the beautiful woman
I used on my plate, HERE.  
I have several other antique photos available to print also 
at the bottom of the page HERE (click on the one
you like to be taken to the larger image).


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  1. Love your version too. I copied the beautiful woman. I'm going to copy. Love it. x

  2. Great way to copy that frame (which IS fantastic and the price was not bad either!) What, you didn't want to get out your tin snips and cut a frame in the center of your metal bowl??

  3. Love the silver tarnished idea. Honestly I can't take your photo - I'll just find one of my relatives and "age" them with the sepia in my Windows Photo Gallery. (I always feel sorry for the photos I find in antique shops - how do you sell Grannie?) Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love the tarnished silver version! I've got boxes of old relatives I could use this idea for, thanks!

  5. Beautiful idea. I love them. Thanks for stopping by Take Six, Angie! :)

  6. Angie ~ I love your version as well as the original! What a great idea for framing an old photo or postcard :)

  7. This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

  8. I think I like your version more :) It inspired me to do something with old vintage/antique plates!.

    There is a link party going on in my blog today. I would LOVE for you to share this :)


  9. beautiful frame! saw your post at the myric/petite passions blog. lovely! xo

  10. Great work. I love your creation.


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