Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get the Look - Restoration Hardware Fedora Hat Mold Knock-Off

My knock-off project for today
is so ridiculously easy, I gotta admit
I'm kinda pleased with myself.

I was thumbing through the Restoration Hardware
catalog and came across this 
I choked a little when I saw their price tag...$249.
For that price, I'd want an actual antique,
not a reproduction, but it is cool.
I remembered that my oldest son bought
the hat my youngest son is
wearing in this photo, so for kicks, 
I thought I'd try this as a knock-off project.
I knew a stand could easily be put
together from a dowel and 2 wood blocks, 
(which you could easily do too)
but shortly thereafter, I found this
"thing" in a thrift store.  I have no idea
what all the holes in the top were for,
but I bought it because now I had
everything I needed to create my knock-off.
I simply painted it black.
Originally, I planned to put plaster of paris on
the hat, then spray paint it,
but decided there was no point in ruining
a perfectly good hat, so my project
is actually a hat stand, rather than a hat "mold",
but the look is very similar, for
about $247 less than RH (because I didn't have to buy a hat)
Close enough, right?
And now my son has a stand for his hat!

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  1. Yours is much more charming, Angie...and useful, too!

  2. You are so creative! And good for you showing such restraint . . . I'm afraid I would have plastered it and then my kid would be furious with me! I like your look much better any way!

  3. Angie,
    Great idea!Looks much nicer and is a better price too!Good thing you found that stand.

  4. The hat stand is wonderful. You were so lucky to find the wood part. My grandsons would love it.

  5. Angie that awesome, i like it better then their pricey one!!!

  6. that looks great...and that stand is a pipe stand. My ex had one.

  7. This just makes me laugh! I may have to pull out MY son's fedora now...

  8. Pretty good knock off! Don't you wonder who actually buys the R.H. pricey stuff?

  9. Don'tchaknow I HAVE to have one of these. This is sooo cute and something you don't see in everyone's house.
    You did a fantastic job.
    xo bj

  10. awesome! and it's so funny, cause I pinned that same hat a few months ago...It just struck me as being artsy but EXTREMELY simple :)

  11. close enough is right! That was a great little number you picked up - and did up in black :)

  12. Sweet! And I'm talking about that cute grandson . . . love how you took "things" and made them into something. Hugs and blessings! Jan


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