Saturday, May 5, 2012

Building Walls

I'm going to try to limit my blabbing
about the wall my husband built.
Let's just say, I love it and he did
an amazing job taking it from
tired and outdated to terrific.
This is how it started out.
It just had a shelf partition that divided the kitchen
from the living room, with both ends open
as walkways between the rooms.
Seriously ugly.

My husband tore that down,
and framed up this new wall that
includes a window that was salvaged from
the demolished Kahoka, MO courthouse.
The smaller glass doors were salvaged
from a cabinet he tore out of the kitchen
and he added lights inside so I can use it
as a display cabinet visible from both
the living room and the kitchen.

After getting that far, we decided
to extend the wall on one side so
there would be more available wall
space in the kitchen, which was much-needed.
The big old screen door also came from
the same courthouse.  I'll probably add more to
that section of the wall later, but don't
want to clutter it up too much.  He angled the
wall to give us more room in the kitchen.
Inside the display cabinet, I put together a vignette of 
old wood boxws, old bottles, and antique hymn book pages.
The kitchen side of the cabinet holds many of 
my old dishes and ironstone pieces.
The lights cast pretty glow on everything inside.

The lights provide just the right amount 
of light during the night to act as night lights,
so I don't bump into anything during my
nightly trek to the restroom.
After my husband finishes the hard work,
I always get the fun part of dressing up spaces.
Remember all the pieces I salvaged from an
antique sewing table and created chalkboards out of?
Well, here's what's left of the table, with
its freshly painted top.
The living room receives a little more natural
light with the courthouse window there and
really opens up the look of both rooms.
I picked up this old chippy window for $2 a few days ago,
and added a little antique crochet lace to the top
to soften up the look of it.
 Tucked in the corner of the window, are a few old
clock faces I order from an Etsy seller in Latvia.

And old tarnished spoon acts as a plant
label for the pot of Rosemary.

I ordered even more faces, so I've
tucked them here, there and everywhere.
I'm so grateful my husband has the ability
to transform spaces I dislike into 
ones that I absolutely love.
The kitchen is every bit as ugly as the living room was,
so he's busy now gutting everything in that room.
Well, I guess I didn't limit my blabbing after all.
Sorry - I tried!
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  1. Oh this is seriously the coolest wall I've ever seen!! With your creative mind and his creative skills -- you make a great team! So ingenious!!

  2. Angie,
    Looks great!I love how you changed that room.And that little display cabinet with the light looks great too.What fun to change it all up.You are lucky to have a great handy man husband.That sewing table looks amazing.You really go your moneys worth out of that piece.

  3. Fabulous! I love all the little details! When you get done you can come to my house and make it look pretty. OK?

  4. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. Or write a blog post. Sometimes you just have to let all that happiness out! :@

    You really are lucky to have such a handy hubby!

  5. Gee, can the two of you come fix up my house?

  6. Angie, it is absolutely have some of the best stuff!

  7. I love your babbling:)

    Wow, I heart the new space. So light and airy with all the coolest vintage pieces so beautifully and cleverly accented. A feast for the eye....Well done to you and handy huzband!!!!

  8. Your husband deserves lots of credit for the wall. My husband is very handy as well and there are few jobs he won't tackle. He is currently making noises of a demolition.........

    Best, Lisa, La Dolce Villa

  9. Love it Love it :D
    And I also Love the idea of the old spoon acting as a plant label :)
    Thanks for visiting me. I´m trying to make a little basket out of the yarn from jute :) That one is my prototype. And belive me I don´t have a clue what I´m doing ;)

    Hugs Erica

  10. You have some great ideas here. Thanks so much for your ideas with antiques.

  11. Looks great Angie!! You have a handy husband!

  12. Woow, what a creative wall! It looks like you had great fun decorating it.

  13. Love, Love the wall your husband created. That very large window is fabulous. Really open up the space.
    Thanks for hosting the link party each week.
    Mary Alice

  14. I love windows on interior walls. Yours is special because the window has a history. Your husband is a keeper.

  15. What a wonderful transformation! Your husband is very talented!

    The window in the wall has so much charm and all of the vintage pieces you included work so beautifully together.

    I would be thrilled to have these beauties scattered throughout my whole house and you have them all in one space. I can only imagine what treasures are in other rooms of your house!

  16. I just kept saying "wow" over and over as I scrolled through this post. The wall is incredible...I love the originality and the use of salvaged pieces. You are your husband have such great vision and creativity. So privileged to have you share it at Show & Tell.


  17. WOW, that looks fabulous! Great job! I would love for you to share this on my "May House Par-tay" @!!

  18. Angie, the whole thing looks fantastic. What a great team you and your husband are.

  19. very clever use of that perfect window! Love your new wall!


  20. I'm just now getting around to reading this post and am so glad. What a lovely vignette! So many different items to catch the eye and to ooh and aah about. I've got an old window that I've been planning to put in the living room for family pictures and the idea of gracing it with a piece of tattered old lace is a lovely idea. Thank you!

  21. Isn't it a blessing having a "handy" hubby?! I love the placement of that old window between the two rooms. Anything that brings in more natural light is always a plus in my book.

    You're such a faithful participant in Time Travel Thursday, Angie...even if it does take me forever to get by to see your wonderful projects! Thank you! ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  22. I thought my Mother was the only one with the idea of using a vintage Singer sewing base & placing a thick piece of wood on top!...My brothers & I loved the idea & we are each getting one..My oldest brother got the wood, cut it, sanded it & stained all of our tops..This will be a very sweet gift!
    Also, I loved your idea of the old typewriter on top of it..When I saw that, I immediately called my Mother & asked her if she still had the old black typewriter in it's original box & she does!!...So when I get the table & typewriter it will be proudly standing in my front window!!
    Thanks again,
    Karen K

  23. Just looked at your home tour on Debbiedoo's and wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought it was! I ended up on this page when I clicked on "our home" but it doesn't matter! I know you'll get this in your inbox!
    Blessings and keep up the hard work!


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