Saturday, March 24, 2012

Huntin' & Fishing'

No trip to Springfield, MO would be complete without visiting Bass Pro Shops.
They have all my favorite things there,
but they wouldn't let me buy a single thing I wanted...

old bottles
old suitcases
old jars
old chippy corbels
old cobblers tools
old clocks
old doors
and old windows
Oh  yeah....they carry fishing stuff too. :0)
Springfield Photos
I just wish they'd be less stingy about selling their displays.


  1. Oh yeah. Very cool stuff!

  2. ha~ don't you just love that store?
    We drove to GrapeVine to the Bass Pro shop there-- about an 1 hr 15 minutes for us. We just went to get specific lure for The Husband. He said it was a date.
    I figured sure it was-- I got candied pecans, and tons of eye candy...and he got the prize! LURES!


  3. Guess I'll have to go next time my fisherman goes!
    Great stuff!!


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