Thursday, January 26, 2012

She's Packin' Heat

Ever have those days
when you want to warn the world
(or your children)
to keep its distance
because you are in
no mood w.h.a.t.s.o.e.v.e.r?

I'll admit...I have my
fair share of those days.

Now I'm not one
to carry a concealed weapon.
I'd rather warn people
in a really obvious way,
so I've decided to just
display my "piece"
out in the open, to give fair warning to everyone.
Gun Necklace, Brown Revolver Jewelry, Wood and Brass Pistol Pendant
Ahhh...just {sorta} kidding.

Actually, this cool necklace
was featured in a treasury one
of my shop items was also featured in
and I thought it was very unique.

It came all the way from
Serbia to me!

It appears to be really old,
and is made of wood and
a brass bullet casing.
The original leather cord
was too worn to use,
but the seller included
a new sturdier cord.
Gun Necklace, Brown Revolver Jewelry, Wood and Brass Pistol Pendant
I'll just wear it on days,
when I feel the need
for a little attitude.

I'd love to let you think that first photo is my
frontal view...but I don't want to be dishonest.

I'm more endowed south than north,
so I figured I'd just stick
with the seller's photo.

Here's to gals with attitude!

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  1. Hi Angie,
    Thanks so much for linking to "What's It Wednesday".
    Cute little heater you've got there, very unique and you know I love that.
    Don't forget to add us to your party list,too.

  2. Yes! I have had those days...when the kids were all still at home... things weren't going as planned... and I wanted to scream
    "stop or I'll shoot!"

    he he he ...just (sorta) kidding.


  3. Angie= pistol packing momma :)LOL!! very cool piece.

  4. cute post. great "piece" of jewelry!


  5. lol

    In my state guns are very much taboo. So are fireworks for that matter. You can't even have a sparkler. If I lived out west it would be something cool to wear.



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