Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 1800's Self

I've been showing you some antique portraits on Antique Graphics Wednesday, but last night I bought what may be my favorite "antique" portrait.
Antique Photograph via Knick of Time
It's ME...Victorian style!
Antique Photograph via Knick of Time
I chauffeured my daughter down to St. Charles, MO so she could attend Winter Jam (a Christian concert),
which meant I had almost 5 hours to myself.  The first place I headed was downtown historic Main Street.

Even if you don't have a penny to spend, this 13-block street of shops on an old brick street is the perfect
place to go strolling.  Totally charming!!!
St. Charles
I ventured into a few shops, before coming upon The Tintypery Old Time Photography.  I had some birthday money to spend and though I usually spend gift money on very practical things, like new towels or socks,  I decided to do something totally out of character by getting "in character."

I had a great time selecting my clothing and props and the gal who shot my photos was so pleasant and made it a really enjoyable time.

Now I have my own "antique" portrait of me!
Antique Photograph via Knick of Time
It was fun to do something totally out-of-the-ordinary!



  1. You were born in the wrong era girl! You look fantastic in the period dress, it suits you perfectly. Sounds like a great day you had. Diane

  2. Love the historic pic I have 2 done me and family last one about 15 yrs ago.I adore opshop ladies that let you in to their inner sanctum lucky you xx

  3. Wonderful picture...perfect setting and that dress fits you to a T. Glad you had car time with your daughter...always the best. Can't wait to see your goodies.

  4. Looks amazing! I did the same type of portrait with my three kids, and it is one of my favs!

  5. don't you just love those old timey photos...even the simulated ones? What a neat way to spend your birthday money-- just off the cuff like that.
    My practical side ALWAYS kicks in too, and I don't have very many spur-of-the-moment gifts.
    I think you should put it on your side bar... it goes so well with the theme of your blog!

    take care--Pat

  6. I've been there with hubby. I want to go back again because it was changing when we were there. Time tends to do that. We have a picture like this one of you, of our daughter when she was around 8. And I had one done about 18 years ago with my sister. Yours will be perfect in your home.

  7. What a terrific old timey photo. I have one of me and my girl, I need to add that to my blog! BTW, I love St. Louis.

  8. this is a great portrait, very much in keeping with the old ones. love your "props"! thanks so much for linking up to VIF! xo

  9. Angie, that is so neat that you'd have a photo taken of you all dressed up like that!
    What a great picture! I LOVE that dress too.
    I had a sweet lady in Missouri (St. Girardeau sp?) along the Mississippi River who
    owns a wonderful antique shop show me HER stash of lovelies in the basement!
    OH MY! I had her carry the lovely hand painted china dishes up those steep steps
    because I was afraid I'd drop them! My husband and I enjoyed that one shop (time ran out)
    soooo much, and she's now a lifelong friend!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Blessings, Doni

  10. Hy Angie! I read your "My 1800's self" post today and I really like your victorian style. I also tooke some old pics with me in Bulgaria. If you can see, also my profile pic is an old style. Congratulations for you amazing blog! Cristina

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful ideas, thanks for sharing it with us :)


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