Monday, October 31, 2011

Knick of Time Tuesday #6 and GIVEAWAY WINNERS

Thanks for dropping in
for the 6th

Before we get started,
the winners of my
200 Followers Celebration Giveaway are:

Prize #1)
The winner is:
Jodie said...

It's so hard to choose. I think A Walk In Splendor is one of my favorites. Too hard to choose.

Prize #2
Vintage Goods Gift Pack
The winner is:

I don't scrapbook but love the nails (and everything else) in giveaway #2. Just wanted to pop in and say Congrats on so many followers! I'm happy to say that I am one of them!

I'll be contacting both winners
with information on receiving their prizes.
Thanks so much to all who entered
and have become Knick of Time followers!

Now...on to this week's party!

All I can say is,
I selected 4 link-ups to
feature this week,
because I couldn't decide on just 3.

Would you check out the
stenciling that Marcy @ Antique Chase
did on a lovely old bread board!

Needless to say,
I'll be looking for old bread boards
at thrift stores and auctions!

And, oh-my-goodness!
Isn't this dresser by
Nick and Lauren @ Lindauer Designs
the b.e.s.t.?!!  Love it!
NY Subway Dresser - Finished

And I absolutely love the makeover
that Terry at Forever Decorating
did on these 2 lyre back chairs.
I've been looking online for similar fabric
and she found it locally (we live in the same town)!
I'll be hitting Hobby Lobby soon!

And Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes
scored some terrific finds at
at neighborhood tag sale.

Thanks to each one of you,
who took the time to link up
your "knicked by time" treasures!

If I featured you today,
feel free to grab my
"I Was Featured"
button on the sidebar!
Now, let's see what
you've got this week!

Put on Your Party Dress...
1. I'd greatly appreciate it if you became a friend & follower of Knick of Time
2. Please only link up your {great} old stuff!
Things you have rescued & revived or
treasures that show the "knicks" that time has left on it.
No food or things made from all new materials.
3. Please post a link back so others can join the party.
4. Mingle with the crowd...visit other guests!
5. Please don't link directly to shops or businesses.

Prepare to be Inspired!

I can frequently be found
visiting these parties.

Want to add your party to the list? Just let me know! Making The World Cuter Monday
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Halloween Memory Lane

While looking for some specific photos
in my kids' photo albums,
I came across some of their
Halloween costumes from when they were younger.

Some years, I spent
hours making their costumes
(or my mom did),
and other years, I searched
thrift stores to put them together.

Here's a  little walk down my
Halloween memory lane with my kids...

Little Ladybug
 Bunny Rabbit
This was MY costume that my mother made when I was a child.
Talk about quality sewing!
 Scarecrow Baby
My 2 Oldest dressed up as "Rockers" two years ago
 Pirate & Gladiator - they were freezing, so their
costumes are a little weird because of all their layers.
My youngest son's Kirby pumpkin last year - CUTE!
Okay...this was actually a costume my youngest
wore last year for a Christmas play, but he made a great Elvis!
Our whole family last year

We're off to help with our church's
Trunk or Treat tonight!

Have Fun and Be Safe!!

I can frequently be found
visiting these parties.
Want to add your party to the list?
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!!!

I've got a bunch of talented women in my family,
who have lovely taste, are gifted seamstresses and
who know just how to arrange and organize,
and I've got 4 of them coming in November!
Pinned Image
Source - Pinterest - couldn't find original source

My MOM is coming!
My mom comes to visit me at least twice every year,
usually once in the summer and once in the winter,
but this year, I was really eager for her to come NOW.

Every room in our new house needs a makeover,
and I really would like her opinion
on several of them that require major work...
like the kitchen.

Since we moved into this new home,
I've been begging her to come sooner than winter,
to help me figure out what to do here.
In every single phone conversation,
I told her I *really* needed her.
I even begged her in a blog post.

I'm happy to report that I finally wore
her down and she's coming and bringing my
oldest niece with her and they
are staying for 3 weeks and will
spend Thanksgiving with us!
Digital Download Iron on Transfer Family Sign in Laurel Leaves
Petite Paperie on Etsy
Not only is my mom coming,
but my aunt, 2 of my cousins & 3 of my cousin's kids
are coming for a weekend as well!
PunkinSeedProduction on Etsy

For over 20 years,
my mom had a custom, handmade
drapery business with my Aunt Lil.
I earned my vacation spending money
by hand-sewing the pleats on their draperies
and earned 5 cents for each pleat I sewed.

I dislike off-the-shelf curtains,
because I've seen quality curtains,
and know that very few store-bought curtains
have the quality appearance
that handmade draperies have.

My mom has made ALL my curtains!
She even made multiple sets
for various seasons & holidays
for my kitchen window in our old house.
Scrabble Tile Sign - I Love You Mom
Art by Heather on Etsy
Both my mom and my aunt devoted
rooms in their basements as sewing rooms,
where they had large, padded tables
that they created their draperies on.
Several sewing machines were in the
rooms, along with every
kind of sewing notion and fabric.

My aunt went on to build another
incredible business with her neighbor,
when they opened their own quilt shop.
For many years they successfully ran
their shop, created gorgeous quilts and
taught others to do the same.

My cousins and I grew up side-by-side,
with our mothers working together.
We were at each other's homes
several days a week, every week, for years.
Our lives have always been intertwined.
FAMILY Sign made with Antique Ceiling Tin Tile
Joy Frame Works on Etsy

Both of my cousins have a great
eye for home decor and I can't wait
to hear their ideas for my home.
I trust their judgement and feedback...
and WOW...can they paint a room!

Thank goodness my husband
is very tolerant of lots of jabbering,
lots of laughing, and a whole lot of hormones.

And because I know they read this blog... 
paint clothes, Paint brush keeperpaint clothes,
          Paint clothes, paint clothes, choosing the right paint brushpaint clothes

{subliminal message inserted}     

Now, if only my sister was coming with them......

I can frequently be found
visiting these parties.

Want to add your party to the list?
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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Definition of Home...A Dictionary Wall

If you are a detail-oriented person,
today's post will be right up your alley.

If you're not...
it might be best if you came back another day.

It's been over a week in the making,
so you may want to grab a
beverage and get comfortable.

Okay, for those who are still here,
here we go.............

When you find a $3 dictionary that looks like this...
and it is a postbound book, with 1,888 easily removeable pages...
and you have paneling in an entryway that looks like this...
You know why you were meant to become
the rightful owner of that dictionary.

You just know...
My options were:
1)  paint the paneling - but then it would have been
ugly painted paneling
2)  Tear down the paneling
and replace with something else -
maybe someday, but not a priority right now
3) wallpaper over the paneling - much more doable and less expensive, so that became my plan!

The first page of the dictionary
got centered above the doorway.
I used good ol' Elmer's glue to adhere the pages.
Modge Podge would have been much too pricey
for a project as large as this.
Working my way around the door frame.
About half of the first wall is almost done.
Once the walls were completely covered in pages,
I put a topcoat of glue over all the pages.
It gave the pages an even lovelier
golden tone when it dried.
The illustrations are like little works of art.

 And so many wonderful words to choose from.  
In keeping with the aged look of the
dictionary pages, I decided on a
combination of a vintage & industrial look
for the entryway.

It's all in the details, so
here's a little tour of how I dressed the area up.

I reattached the coat hooks
that were previously hanging in the entryway.
I love the darkened, authentically-aged
look of the wood - scrapes and all.
It's perfect for hanging
baskets, antique scissors & snips...

and an old hanging ruler.
Resting on the coat hook board is another old ruler.
And above the coathook is another
basket with a vintage linen inside...
and my handmade "Nantucket Chair Caning" sign.
On the floor is this old carpeter's tool trunk,
which holds an antique wooden cheese box
stocked with chair caning supplies.

This roll-top desk was purchased
by my uncle, who gave it to my mom
(and she refinished it), who gave it to me.
I've had it for at least 15 years.
I replaced the original wood knobs
with some lovely glass ones.
These knobs were salvaged  from this cabinet.
 You can read about what I did with this cabinet here.
The keyhole is missing the original metal plate, but I still love it.
On top, 2 gorgeous old sewing machines.

I love the names of them - 
"Honeymoon" & "Domestic".
 The name is especially fitting for the Honeymoon.
The details are "sew" love-at-first sight.

 I used lots of vintage sewing goods.

And some tattered antique books.
Above the rolltop desk is this wooden frame that I added a chalkboard to, with a portion of Psalm 19:14 written on it.

Here's the steamer trunk tray and the amber bottles I decided not to sell.  They both were just too perfect for this space to part with them.
On the side of the desk is my Industrial Chair that I added vintage ephemera to.

Now to put the details together...
Book Page Wallpaper Repurposed Books Salvaged Books Dictionary Page via Knick of Time
Total cost for this project?
$3 for the dictionary
$20 for the glue
I'd love to say this room is finished,
but the floor is plain concrete
that has lots of stains.

I'd like to cover it with
reclaimed brick road salvage,
for the look of
an old Midwestern street.
We have a few of these left in our town,
and while bumpy to drive on,
Their bygone-days look is beautiful.
If the price quote comes back
unreasonable high,
then I think I'll try using the
brown bag technique on the floor
that I read about on Lovely Crafty Home here.
Brown paper bag floor
It will use the same process as the walls,
except I'll use our leftover floor sealer
that we used on a wood floor in our old house,
instead of glue as the topcoat.

The other part that isn't finished in this entryway
is the whole other side of the room!
I still have plenty of glue left
to finish the other walls.
I have enough dictionary pages left
to do another small room!
My husband is working on one
of the walls, for the remodeling
that he's started in the bathroom on the other side,
so it may be awhile before the
entire room is done.

This entryway will have an
ever-changing display,
because although some of the things
are mine and I'm keeping them,
some are available in my Etsy shop,
so I'll rotate things in and out as they sell.

Step by Step
it's feeling more like
our home, instead of just a house.


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