Sunday, July 31, 2011

Local History Chair

I love reusing things with some history behind them,
so I was thrilled to find a seed sack from a local business,
which has been family-owned since 1880.
I decided to put it to use on this harp back chair.
The chair was originally dark, stained wood,
so I repainted it Bungalow Gold.
I would have preferred an antique white,
but I already had a full can of the Bungalow Gold.
I was a little paranoid cutting it, hoping I wouldn't ruin it,
but I used the original fabric from the seat as a pattern.
There were holes in this sack and I was
just barely able to make it fit.
I washed it twice to remove what stains I could,
but some of them are just an enduring part of its character.
Added light distressing - just enough to accent
the "knicks of time" it already had,
the waxed it with Minwax Natural.

Love it now!
I think I'll contact the business
to see if they have any idea of the seed bag's age.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh For Pity's Sake

Those of you who have been blogging a long time
or are just computer savvy
or are just a heckuva lot smarter than I am
won't understand how I could have spent
2 hours making this signature:
post signature
and was so proud of myself...
only to realize there is a stupid white box around my name.
Back to the drawing board.
As my kids would say, "Epic Fail"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Antique Book BARGAINS

Antique Book Bargains
My house can only hold so many -
so here's your chance to build an instant collection - at bargain prices!
This is just the "first phase" of bargain book listings -
I'll list more in the future.
$4.50 each + shipping (unless otherwise noted)
Buy 5 for $18 + shipping

It would take too long to list specifics for each book,
but they are all antique, showing various stages of antique wear.
Some have loose binding/pages,
some have inscriptions or other writing,
They all have lovely aged pages.

COMMENT which book(s) you want,
I'll give you the total with Media Mail shipping.
If you want Priority Mail, let me know.

Here we go!

Sandy - Alice Hegan Rice - 1905
The Lone Ranger - Fran Striker - 1936
The Squire of Ravensmark - Edouard Sandoz - 1949
Robinson Crusoe - Daniel DeFoe - no date
The Boy Scouts as Forest Fire Fighters - Robert Shaler - 1915
Keith of the Border - Randall Parrish - 1910
The Store Boy - Horatio Alger Jr. - no date
The Lone Star Ranger - Zane Grey - 1914 - SIGNED BY AUTHOR - $9 SOLD
True to the Old Flag - G.A. Henty - no date - $9
The Rover Boys in the Jungle - Arthur Winfield - 1899
Don Sturdy Captured by Head Hunters - Victor Appleton - 1928
Mrs.  Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch - Alice Caldwell Hegan - 1901 SOLD
Boat Club - Oliver Optic - no date
Cash Boy - Horatio Alger Jr. - no date
Robinson Crusoe - Esperato Edition (Spanish) - 1908 - Henry Altemus Co.
Illinois and the Nation - Oliver Trowbridge - 1887
Boy Scouts in the Canadian Rockies - Ralph Victor - 1911
The Mysterious Rider - Zane Grey - 1921
Robinson Crusoe - Wildlife Series - Daniel Defoe - no date
Flint/The Story of a Trail - Carolyn Sherwin Bailey - 1922
Manco the Peruvian Chief - William Kingston - 1888
Cast Up By the Sea - unknown author and date - publication page missing
Corporal Cameron - Ralph Connor - 1912
Through the All to the North Pole - Roy Rockwood - 1906
Out of My Trunk - Milton Berle - no date
Classic Stories for the Little Ones - Lida Brown McMurry - 1906 SOLD

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beauty in the Beast

Here's the beauty
That was in this"beast".
My daughter's friend said it looked like a coffin. 
I wasn't sure if wanted to try to save it,
or take it aparat it to and use the parts for other projects.

I pondered it for several days.
It was so structurally sound that I hated to destroy it as a whole piece of furniture,
so I decided I'd see what I could do with it.
The veneer on top was beyond working with,
so I had to strip it all off.  That took several days.

Here it is with all the veneer removed and ready for paint.
 I picked Valspar Churchill Vanilla Wheat for the color.
Parts of the original hardware were missing, so I selected these knobs.
What were once "scars"
Are now beauty marks
The details are lovely in this piece, aren't they?

Even though they show their age.
So glad I gave her a second chance.

Don't hate me when I tell you I paid $12.50 for her.
$9 for the knobs (half off at Hobby Lobby)
Already had the paint.
Total - $21.50
$21.50 + sweat equity = priceless!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st GIVEAWAY!!! 15 Antique Engravings, Illustrations & Sheet Music

My little blog is still quite...little, but I'd like to have a giveaway anyway!

I got a stack of 1880's antique magazines at the auction barn yesterday.
There was a ledger book filled with loose pages from some of the magazines.

I'm putting together a package of 15 lovely pages to give to one of you.
Do something creative with them!  Several of them would look beautiful framed.
Here's a sampling of the pages you'll receive:

What do you need to do to enter?  You get one entry for each of the following:
  1. Become a FOLLOWER on this blog (click on "join this site") and be sure to leave a comment using the phrase KNICK OF TIME Give Away.  If you're already a Follower, leave a comment with the same phrase.
  2. For an additional opportunity to win post a link to this giveaway on your blog (and be sure to let us know so we can check it out!!!).  Comment below to tell us you did it.
  3. Check our FACEBOOK page and be sure to LIKE us.  Mention KNICK OF TIME Give Away in your comment on Facebook, then comment below to tell us you did and you'll be registered to win again!! 
  4. Visit my shop on Etsy and comment below telling me your favorite item there.  
You must leave a separate comment for each entry.
4 chances to win!
Only individual comments will go in the drawing,
so please don't group them together into one comment
or they will only count as one.

A winner will be randomly chosen on July 31st.  Good Luck!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's Pickin's

Today was definately NOT slim pickins at the auction barn! 
There are goodies and then there are G.O.O.D.I.E.S.
Today was full of GOODIES!

This was my absolute favorite
A big stack of womens' magazines from the 1800's.
The illustrations and typography are so....ahhhh....ohhh....sigh.....BLISS!
A real visual delight!

Would you just look at those covers!

Here's the bulk of the things I brought home...

Here's some of my runner-up favorites...
Antique Glasses

Vintage Fishing Minnow Pail

Bell Cloche

Antique Wood Frame - Beautiful!

1950's Telephone Battery Cell

If you are feeling a little envious about any of these treasures,
let me tell you that it was 102 degrees today and I was in a barn
that had only fans.
Yes, I said
One Hundred & Two!
So, the pickin's weren't slim, but I may be a little slimmer from sweating.

Hope you are having a great day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

In YOUR Home

Every so often, a customer takes the time to send me photos of items they purchased from Knick of Time so I can see how they used them in their home.

It's a real blessing to me to know that they love what they got from me and wanted to share it *with* me! 

 Here's a few photos I've received recently:
Elisabeth ordered 2 sets of wood candle wall sconces.
They look so gorgeous in her home!

I love her style!

This customer wanted to create an "ocean view" through window shutters,
so she special ordered these shutters.
She selected the color and requested I distress them for her.
Great job and lovely vision!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

French Country Farmhouse Side Table

This lovely old table came from a farmhouse in Illinois. This was no "Sit around and look pretty" table. It was a "You gotta earn your keep around here" table...and it showed. The farmer had clearly used it as a work table - I believe in the barn, so the top was badly worn, complete with crookedly hammered in nails.
The rest of the table had the perfect chippy, rustic look,
so I knew it was a table worth saving!
Instead of fighting against its aged look, I decided to celebrate and work with it.
I added a vintage map of Europe to the top,
then distressed the areas where the bent nails are, to let them show through.
I also made slits in the map, where each board of the table top is,
so you can still see each board.
I added additional aging and distressing the the edges and top to
complete the rustic French Country Farmhouse look.

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Today's Treasures

Here's what I brought home today
Probably my favorite thing is this Dupont Explosives Wood Crate
I also loved this antique Cape Cod cranberry shipping crate
And this old tennis racquet is pretty cool too
Love the aged pages in this 1800's Bible. 
The cover isn't connected anymore, but it's still beautiful.
Be looking for these items in my Etsy shop soon!