Thursday, July 21, 2011

French Country Farmhouse Side Table

This lovely old table came from a farmhouse in Illinois. This was no "Sit around and look pretty" table. It was a "You gotta earn your keep around here" table...and it showed. The farmer had clearly used it as a work table - I believe in the barn, so the top was badly worn, complete with crookedly hammered in nails.
The rest of the table had the perfect chippy, rustic look,
so I knew it was a table worth saving!
Instead of fighting against its aged look, I decided to celebrate and work with it.
I added a vintage map of Europe to the top,
then distressed the areas where the bent nails are, to let them show through.
I also made slits in the map, where each board of the table top is,
so you can still see each board.
I added additional aging and distressing the the edges and top to
complete the rustic French Country Farmhouse look.

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  1. I love love LOVE this Angie!! So sweet :-D Well done! Your blog is awesome :-)


  2. What a great project right down to the slits so the boards show. Love it.


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